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Change Your Driving Habits to lower your automobile insuranc

by masterofbusiness13

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Cheap car insurance in Ontario isn’t just a catchphrase. Most people, most drivers in Ontario simply don’t take advantage of all the benefits and discounts that are available to them to reduce their premiums. There are plenty of ways to bring down the cost of your automobile insurance. Here are a few simple strategies for you to consider:

If you have automobile insurance, review your existing coverages

Have a look at your coverage limits and your deductibles. You should consider purchasing a higher deductible for collision coverage and/or comprehensive coverage. For example if your collision coverage deductible is $250, consider increasing it to $500 or $1000. The effect of this on your auto insurance rates in Ontario will be a significant reduction. And in reality, will you be making a claim for a minor repair to your car? Such as Little door dents, or key scratches that may only cost $300 to have repaired by a professional, you wouldn’t claim this on your insurance and pay $250 deductible for repair that will only cost $300. It makes sense to increase this deductible on collision coverage to a minimum of $500 and it is worthy of considering increasing it to $1000.

The distance you drive your automobile has an impact on the rate you pay.

Most people incorrectly report the amount or the distance that the drive and use their vehicle in a given year. Have a close look and keep aware of the actual mileage that you drive your car. If you have reported to your insurance company that you drive 20,000 km in a given year but under closer inspection you actually only drive say 12,000 km this is 8000 km differential and the rate you would pay by driving only 12,000 km is lower than what you would pay for having driven 20,000 km.

How you drive and the use of your automobile has an impact on the rate you pay.

Many people by default automatically choose the option that states that they drive their automobile both for work and for pleasure errands. If, however, you only sparingly drive your car to work and would otherwise commutes another way, and only truly drive your vehicle for purposes of pleasure and to run simple errands, the rate you would pay on your automobile insurance in Ontario would be lower.

Keep an eye to your driving record.

This is the most obvious yet most overlooked way in which each and every one of us in Ontario can reduce the rate of insurance we pay. Do you know how many traffic violations you have on your record? How many tickets have you received in the past three years? Are you accident free? Have you been accident free for more than six years? Keeping the statistics as low as possible is not only the safest option for you on the roads, but has the greatest impact in reducing the rate you pay for your Ontario automobile insurance.

In summary, we have only briefly looked at driving habits as a way to reduce one’s rate of insurance in Ontario. This is just the tip of the iceberg of ways in which one can look for cheap car insurance.

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