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Where Mother Nature Fails, Breast Augmentation Prevails

by gregore

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It is common knowledge that Houston women elect to have breast augmentation surgery by the thousands every year. They want to enhance their figures and look shapelier in swimming suits and curvy fashions. Clearly, not all women are created the same, and some are less well endowed than others. It is natural for a woman who is self-conscious about her breast size to desire larger breasts. Augmentation surgery has seen advances through the years until it is a safe and highly effective surgical procedure. Modern implants are safe and give a woman several options in terms of breast size and shape.

Once you have the surgery, you will wonder why you waited. Aside from having a sexy, shapely figure, the fun of shopping for new clothes is a bonus. The days of mixing and matching tops and bottoms will be behind you. You will enjoy buying sexy new outfits that offset your sexy new figure. Your friends, family, and colleagues will all notice your new shape. Your significant other will surely be pleased, and your romantic life will likely undergo an enjoyable upswing. Sexy is great, and there is nothing quite as sexy as womanly figure, in fashionable clothing.

A Houston breast augmentation surgeon who is experienced and board certified will make sure the surgery is safe and performed perfectly. If you fail to engage the services of a skilled and experienced surgeon, you may have to undergo a secondary procedure. As long as you take your time and do due diligence in finding the appropriate board certified surgeon, you procedure will be safe and rewarding. Plastic surgeons’ credentials are easy to verify. Most women report that they are very happy with the outcome and would do it again, and happily recommend the surgery to friends and colleagues.

The breast augmentation procedure is the most common form of plastic surgery being performed today. Research and innovation have led to advancements in the procedure that makes it safer, and more effective than ever before. You are faced with several choices once you have decided to have the surgery. The obvious first choice is size. Most women increase breast size by at least two cups, some opt for a more dramatic increase. Next is the type of implant. Essentially the choice is between saline and silicone. Both types work well and are safe. Then there is the placement of the implants, either above the muscle, just underneath the skin, or underneath the muscle. You plastic surgeon will help you in understanding and determining the best choices for your body type.

It is recommended that you do a lot of research when searching for a plastic surgeon. It is imperative that your surgeon possesses the necessary experience, as well as being board certified. Get in touch with Memorial Plastic Surgery. Our surgeon, Dr. Patrick Hsu, is board certified and extremely capable and has a substantial amount of experience with breast enhancement surgery. Let us set up a meeting with the doctor.

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