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Laser treatments for safer hair removal

by lhrbysia

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Unwanted facial and body hair is among the issues in physical aspects that a lot of people deal have to deal with everyday. Those of us who have excessive and unsightly hair have no choice but to resort to a regular, even daily, basis of maintaining clear and hair free skin. What’s appalling about this aside from being time consuming is that some of the methods are usually painful. A person may need to shave every day because hair grows so fast when this is the method that he or she does. Shaving may not be really painful, but some accidents happen. Sometimes, when a person is not really careful or when in a hurry blades of the razors cut to the skin and causes lacerations. Plucking is another body and facial hair removal technique that can be a bit hurting and cumbersome. But the hair elimination procedures that cause more pains are the ones being offered as services in cosmetic salons such as threading and waxing. Threading seems harmless at first but it is actually a really agonizing procedure; same with waxing. Waxing involves applying hot substance on skin thus there is possibility of acquiring burns. Stripping the hair off along with the wax is painful as well, but it depends on the tolerance of the individual. Although not very convenient and even provides negative effects, people still continue to render such services as well as buy hair removal creams and other products because it is the only way that they can achieve fresh looking, smooth and desirable skin.

In efforts to be hair free, sometimes, people end up with skin condition that looks worse than before. This is due to the fact that traditional hair elimination techniques come with side effects which are harmful to the skin. As already mentioned, lacerations or cuts on the skin may be acquired when a person is not too careful with shaving. These cuts later on heal but darken, leaving one’s skin with ugly marks. Tweezing, on the other hand, can cause bumps or chicken skin. While the burns obtained due to hot wax develop into discolorations.

Removing unwanted hair through traditional techniques is just too risky. It is a good thing how technology improves nowadays because now people are given with a new and safer option in the form of laser hair removal treatment. Hair elimination with the use of laser technology can make people free from the hassles of unwanted hair growth without subjecting them to pain and the bad effects of traditional hair removal methods. People just have to search for a laser clinic that they can trust and ask for a licensed physician’s opinions and advice. It is the physician who can determine how many laser sessions a certain person needs. He decides on it according to the volume or the thickness of that person’s hair. It is totally safe because only compact light is being used. The light targets the cause of the hair and does not at all affect the skin.

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