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Men Can Learn Dance Instruction Online

by andrerenaud

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As with many men world wide, I was terrible at dancing. I didn't have two left feet, I had seventeen of them. There have been so many times in my life when women were dissappointed because I would not dance with them. When I did dance with them they were dissappointed even more. Even though many people have told me that I'm an awesome singer, musician, songwriter, arranger and producer, my body has no rhythm and I feel as awkward as someone who is in serious pain. I probably inflicted serious pain on people who watched me dancing. There was no way out of this dilemma for me. I was too embarassed to go to a dance school where I would be judged in front of a group of people and professional dance teachers. I did not want to ask my friends for help because I thought that they had several better things to do. Women who were once interested in me became not interested at all. I knew that I had to learn to dance and searched for an answer for a long time until I discovered dance instruction online at an online music gear store.

The following is what I learned after taking these lessons. An online music store has a dance category with dance instruction online video lessons that can be downloaded directly into your home computer or your favorite location. They can also be delivered to your home in DVD or blu-ray formats. You will be able to practice them within the privacy of your own dwelling. No travelling to out of your way and overpriced locations to be judged in a manner that will make you feel very uncomfortable is going to happen when you are by yourself in a room where nobody can see you practicing. The lessons can be viewed over and over again whenever you want to watch them, unlike the one time that you will be present at a lesson with a teacher who is in the same room as you are. A series of online video lessons is often cheaper than one lesson that you will have to go out of your way to get to and bonuses, discounts, bargains, specials, and coupons are usually included.

The lessons come in many genres including ballroom, salsa, latin, tango, free style, rap, hip hop, poledance, belly dance, club style, swing, dabke, urban, street, techno, breakdancing, cha cha, foxtrot, jive, rhumba, samba, waltz, ballet, and many more. The exercise that I have had taking these lessons has made my body stronger and my mind freer. I have actually lost a few pounds doing this which is something that no diet has ever done for me before. The videos include the music, instruction, and tips regarding how to practice by yourself or along with the videos. Who needs to travel out of their way with all of this coming into our homes?

Now I'm so comfortable dancing that I have no problem approaching a woman to dance with me at a club, party, wedding, or special occasion. I even get asked to dance during some of these situations which had never happened to me before I started taking these video lessons. I often return to the music gear store to check out some of the music that they have in their recording category that is great for me to practice dancing to. The store also has dance clothes and costumes that I don't have to travel out of my way for either. I have never felt more secure and comfortable dancing and now all men can feel the same way!

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