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Sun Grown Soaps Launches Environmentally-Friendly Tree Plant

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Sun Grown Soaps, a company dedicated to chemical-free soaps made from everything grown under the sun, today announced “The Tree Project”, which is designed to honor anyone who is interested in quality natural products and or considers him or herself a good steward of the planet.

According to spokesperson David Smith, who made the announcement, whenever someone makes a minimum $200 purchase of soaps, soap accessories, gifts sets or gift certificates through their online store, “we’ll plant a tree in your honor or that of a loved one.”

Noting that trees are a very important part of the planet eco system, Smith said the introduction of their new tree planting project offers an opportunity for people to plant a tree in their own or a loved one’s honor.

“We have taken the concept of planting trees after a purchase to a higher level than just a certificate by providing actual pictures, updates and personalization,” said Smith, who believes someone who may want to honor someone else who took a real interest in the protection and sustainability of the environment can now do that on a level of personalization unseen before.

Pointing out that over time many areas have been cleared of trees for one reason or another, Smith is of the opinion that if more companies and individuals  had an opportunity to participate in real solutions that can really make a positive impact on the environment, they would do so and “we would all benefit from those efforts.” 

Sun Grown Soaps - a company dedicated to chemical-free soaps made from everything grown under the sun. Unlike other soap companies, we’re committed to using only natural ingredients and essential oils that keep skin feeling happy and healthy. Our variety of soaps is perfect for sensitive skin and is full of pure, natural plant glycerin which naturally attracts moisture to the body. In fact, nearly everything we put in our soaps is grown on-site in our greenhouses or organic garden. And if we can’t grow it, we obtain only quality, organic ingredients. Sun Grown Soaps is an avid believer in both natural products as well as alternative energy. In fact, we’ve been experimenting with solar panels and wind turbines for over 20 years now. That’s probably why - whether our soaps are liquid or solid - they’re made using 100 per cent solar power.

For further information about the Sun Grown Soaps sponsored “The Tree Project”, please visit the following website:


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