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AVI VS MKV File Format

by karenliles

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"I have many TV shows and movies in AVI format. I was thinking about changing the container from AVI to MKV because I heard people talk about how much better it is. What are some of the benefits of doing this?". Without any doubt, the answers can be various. Some people prefer AVI while others are the MKV fans since both of them have got their own advantages. Having a close look at the devices around, you will find that lots of popular portable media players such as MP4 player, PSP, NDS, PDA, iPAD, smart phones can support AVI natively but without MKV. However, sometimes, they are able to accept the MKV format as well.

As is well acknowledged, both AVI and MKV are two popular video formats commonly applied in videos. First comes the AVI file format. According to Wikipedia, AVI was introduced in 1990s as the default feature of Windows OS. Generally, It is mainly used to store audio and video content for playback on computer, game consoles, smart phones, tablets, MP4 player, MP5, PDA, etc. The advantages of AVI include the following: 1. high quality video and good fidelity of audio. 2. High compatibility with Windows programs (Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player) and low requirements for hardware/software. 3. Advanced DV-AVI standard is compressed to conform with DV standards. But it has got disadvantages as well; it would be a tough task to handle the AVI files on Mac since Mac applications like QuickTime and iMovie don't accept AVI files well. In this case, a reliable AVI file converter--the equivalent version of AVI to MP4 converter can be of great help.

Next comes the MKV file. It is an open source container format with strong compatibility. Using futuristic design approach, MKV is able to offer support for a large number of video, audio and subtitle compression formats, which in a manner, made it exceed those of AVI files. Generally speaking, an MKV file is large than that of an AVI file. Thanks to its capability of delivering high quality video and general-purpose audio, it is used by many HD media player devices include but not limited to Asus, Oppo, Samsung, LG, Sharp LED/LCD TVs, Blu-ray Players, Sony PS3, Nokia N8 and so forth. If you want to get a high definition visual experience on a large TV screen, It is suggested to choose the MKV files. To make a brief conclusion, the advantages of MKV file include: 1. it accepts various lossless-audio formats. 2. An MKV file is streamable. 3. MKV is open and free. 4. MKV files are compact. 5. an MKV file has got multiple subtitle tracks and multiple audio tracks. Tips: the way to convert MKV to MP3 and other audio format is more or less the same as the steps to extract MP3 from AVI videos.

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