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Bike Accessories UK - All About Cycling Shirts

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There couldn't be a more colorful site than a group of riders all wearing multi-colored cycling shirts. A lot of cycling shirts are intended for a particular reason, like in the Tour De France where the leader wears yellow, the king of the mountains rides in polka dot and the sprint king has green. Cycling shirts worn by the pros also supply a fantastic bit of ad space for the big companies to display their products and some of these riders are rewarded sizable amounts from the various different sponsors while they fight for real estate on their cycling shirts.

Aside from the successful pros who come to be paid to wear cycling shirts, what else may you consider before making a purchase? There's a bewildering array of designs out there and your own choice will come into play here, though a lot of riders go out of their way to wear colours that will bring on a reaction and grow into a talking point. You may always make the story that you need to be seen to substantiate your OTT design, however whatever you pick out it will fit you tightly.

It's due to wind resistance, therefore you better get used to the fact that any cycling shirts you wear will fit tighter than what you may be used to. Assuming that you're new to road biking and bothered about your beer belly being stretched across your top, a few weeks of long rides should soon get rid of that. You'll find when you shop for your road bike jersey, that it fits longer at the back, to hold the weather out as you curve forward across the bars.

There's a whole load of fabrics to pick from and they all carry out a slightly contrasting job, yet one thing they all aim to achieve is to wick moisture away from the body. Which one performs this action the best is up for consideration. Wool cycling shirts are back in fashion, as is all things with a retro feel and the sizable advantage of wool is the fact that the top stays fresher for longer, meaning fewer washes which can be a difficulty when laundering particular wool fabrics.

You can at times get 10 rides in before they want suitably washing, just hang them after wearing and they're good to go once more. Still, the sort of knit is developing all the time and you may now obtain wool cycling shirts that can be machine washed, then tumble dryed on a cool temperature.

Most jerseys come with 1/2 or full zip for ventilation and cool down effect and nearly all have 3 elasticated opening pockets on the back. This is the most comfortable position to carry extras and also it allows you access to anything you require without getting off your bike. You can store your mobile in here, eats to keep you fueled up, route directions, waterproof and a bit of cash for your luncheon stop.

That should fill you in on a few hopefully useful bits of info on cycling shirts, now it's down to you to pinpoint one that expresses your personality to the full and really makes you stand out next time you're out with a bunch of riders.



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