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Led Lanterns – Some Amazing Facts

by qualitytorches

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When outdoors, most people look for some source of illumination.. And when it comes to the adventurers and backpackers or even those people who have to frequently venture outside in the late hours due to various purposes, there are many interesting lighting sources that are now available in the market to help them see the way.


One such amazing invention that went forward to solve the illumination problem in its entirety happens to be LED lanterns. These tools changed the way people maneuver and go about their work in the night while they are away from the normal sources of illumination such as electricity run bulbs and lights. These simple innovations not only solved the lighting problem, but also came forward as a viable solution due to their energy efficient nature and great method of working.


But as popular as an LED Lantern may be in the market, there are still various facts that we yet do not know about these nifty little gadgets. So here are some facts that will help you understand just what LED lanterns are all about and how they have come to light our world in such an efficient manner.


  • Most LED based lanterns are made for use in the great outdoors in activities like camping and night trekking. This means they have been designed to be rugged and resilient to most forms of damage and rough use. In fact, you can also find lanterns that are water proof, meaning you can take the device wherever you want without paying much heed to inflicting any damage upon it. It will illuminate your way no matter how roughly you may use it.


  • Since LED Lanterns are meant to be used in the outdoors where access to electricity for recharging them might be a problem, these devices come with a very nifty feature. You can charge the lantern with your vehicle’s main charger as well. Talk about making the best use of available resources!



  • LED Lanterns are generally designed with a 7W fluorescent tube which can supply light for at least five hours straight when the device is fully-charged. Models with higher or lower configurations are also available, catering to any specific needs that you might have.


  • The LEDs used in these lanterns are much more resilient and strong, when compared to any normal electric bulb. You no longer have to worry about damaging the tube, destroying the filament or breaking its glass with these LED based varieties.



  • Most manufacturers integrate multiple LED lights into these lanterns. This means that you will get a more fixed and brighter kind of light as compared to other forms of outdoor lanterns. You can also adjust the amount of light that the lantern will give off by individually turning these LEDs, making sure that energy is conserved and battery life is saved while you are outdoors.


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