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Fashion Mistakes Revealed! Are You One Of The Victims?

by anonymous

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It is easy to find tips and tricks to dress stunning or sexy but this is the least you can read before you pile up the sexy pieces into one fashion, and looking like a troll. Just like Katy Perry used to say, “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.” Yup, a girl can spend hours to mix and match, toss and turn, to get that perfect look. So, guys should appreciate whatever comes from her. But this article is not for guys. It is for girls who want to avoid fashion mistakes, once and for all.

Too-mini skirts                                                                                                              

Yes, sexy skirts can make guys pay attention to you. But wearing it when you are out on a date? A big number. Gentlemen like a girl who knows how to dress properly. You don’t have to cover all of your body parts, but you have to be smart enough on how to choose a dress.

Over make up

A guy loves natural look from a girl. Natural beauty is the most astonishing part a woman can have. If applying foundation and powder is not necessary, then you don’t have to. A thick make up will only make you look like a clown.

Match your dress with your sandals

Sexy high heel sandalsare perfect for formal party. And it is a big no for picnic in the garden. If you are going to walk down the square, your sexy heels will only hurt your feet. Use high heel sandals for special occasion that won’t need you to walk too long.


Maxi dress can never be wrong

Every girl should have this for formal and casual styles. Floral maxi dress adds a sweet touch to your overall look for summer.  However, be careful when choosing maxi dresses cheapfor your collection. Even when it is cheap, you still have to consider about the patterns and your overall styles. Purchasing cheap dress can bring benefit but it also brings disaster if you don’t consider the use of the dress.

Avoid colorful layers

If it is a colorful theme party, you don’t have to wear those colorful styles from top to toe. Instead, pick a basic color and match it with a bright bottom. If you have floral wedges, you can match it with peach top. The secret to a perfect mix match is an organized wardrobe. Divide your collections into categories that make you easier to search an item.




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