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Know How about the Custom of China

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  Travelers must follow China Traditions guidelines to get into or quit the nation. To make sure sleek and effective passing, we emphasize you of the following before travel to China:


Passengers who bring the following things into or out of the nation must announce them to customs:

Objects or products which are topic to prices or duties;
  Objects for personal use or undeclared items;
  Objects that China suppliers prevents from coming into or making the nation, such as social artifacts, forex, precious metals items, presswork and audio and picture products;Cargo, freight examples and other items not involved with the passenger's bagge.

Red and Natural Paths

For tourists who need to have China visa application and pay taxation or implement for examine and release acceptance, please choose the "Red Path" and continue through customs. Other tourists can go through customs via the "Green Path".

General Rules

Please let the customs official examine all luggage. Do not declare or transportation the luggage that has not been released by customs.

Declare the luggage to be communicated independently on the "Declaration Way of Traveler Luggage". The customs official will examine and release the luggage 6 months after the tourists get into for affordable China tours.

The imprinted certification "Declaration Way of Traveler Luggage" should be kept in a safe home for access and quit techniques.

In addition, tourists must announce to the customs official any social artifacts they may be taking from the nation. For any items bought from stores (Cultural Relics Shop or Relationship Store) with qualified to offer social artifacts, the customs official will examine and release the product according to "the Specific Trade Coupon of Cultural Relics" and the verification seal of China suppliers Cultural Relics Management Division. Cultural artifacts obtained from other programs, such as family culture and provides given by friends, must be authenticated by the social artifacts administration department of China suppliers to be performed of the nation. So far, 8 such companies have been recognized in China, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou. These companies should problem export acceptance for social artifacts that can be released after verification. At the quit point, the customs official will release the artifacts according to the export acceptance.

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