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Secure Document Destruction That’s Also Convenient

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Shred Connect has locations in Anaheim and Irvine to take care of all of your secure document destruction needs. Our services are quick, cost-effective, and convenient, ensuring that you never again have to spend your valuable time stuffing papers into a document shredder. You have better things to do, but we don’t.

Secure document destruction has never been more important, as savvy thieves can find all of the information they need to start opening credit accounts in your name or running up bills on the accounts you already have with the information they find on a single piece of paper. Shred Connect can help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you with our document destruction services. We will make sure that the information on the papers you entrust to us never gets into the wrong hands.

For small jobs, such as shredding your monthly bills or getting rid of medical and legal records you no longer need, our in-store service is the most economical. If you’re especially concerned with seeing your documents destroyed, you can watch us take care of the job right in front of you, allowing you to leave with the peace of mind that comes with actually seeing the secure document destruction happen for yourself. Should convenience be your primary concern, you may prefer to leave your name and address with us so that we can send you a Certificate of Destruction, proof that no one will ever be able to glean any information from the documents you entrusted to us.

Those with much larger needs for secure document destruction, which are usually large companies, startups that allowed paper to pile up, or individuals who are moving and have accumulated documents over a long period, may prefer to make use of our mobile shredding option. Rather than taking the time and effort to pile up all of the documents, load them into a truck, drive them to our location, unload the boxes, and wait for us to destroy them. You can have us take care of it at your facility. We’ll even provide the boxes into which you can put all the paper. Shred Connect will take it from there, making use of our document shredder on wheels. There is no longer any need to waste you or your employees’ valuable time when you can watch us destroy the documents quickly and in front of your eyes in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.

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