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The Revolution in Dentistry - Six Month Smiles Braces

by johnfloyed

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The advancement of technology has certainly set the pace for all other aspects of our lives to follow. It has afforded us faster and cheaper solutions to many of life’s challenges. This includes healthcare and specifically dentistry. It is now possible for us to correct orthodontic faults and get a bigger, brighter smile in just a few months. Six Month Smiles Glasgow offers an orthodontic treatment that will allow adults with a crooked smile to gain straightened teeth in as little as six months. Testimonials have so far indicated that Six Month Smiles Braces does exactly what it promises - correct crooked teeth in just six months. This aspect of dentistry involves the combined use of innovation, modern materials and proven orthodontic techniques.

The Embarrassment of a Crooked Smile

Every so often adults can be observed trying to conceal their mouth as they laugh or smile. A crooked smile can really take away from one’s confidence. Correcting the problem of the crooked teeth is the only means of overcoming this challenge. That means wearing braces. Traditional braces can most time add to this discomfort and still cause people to consciously cover their mouth when they laugh. Are Six Month Smiles Braces really a viable option?

Six Month Smiles Braces Vs Traditional Braces

People are generally not thrilled about wearing traditional braces. Chief among the dislikes is the expense and the length of the treatment. Traditional braces can also be pretty unsightly, and especially so if food particles get stuck in them. There have been attempts to minimize the discomfort by making the braces invisible. Six Month Smiles Braces eliminates all of those discomforts as it cuts the treatment time and is also less expensive. The braces are basically invisible as the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-colored. Three things that are notable about these braces are that they are inexpensive, highly effective and conservative.

How Do They Work?

Six Month Smiles Braces are made with tooth colored ceramic brackets that gently straightens the crooked teeth. The dentist will actually focus on the teeth that show when the individual smiles. This means the treatment process will not result in any significant bite changes.
The tooth conditions that are best suited for such short term treatment are mild alignment problems with the front teeth, a big bite to the back, slight spacing between the teeth or mild crowding. The braces are glued to the teeth and the flexible wires inserted. These wires will expand according to the need within the mouth itself. The braces will then cause the front teeth to move forward and outward.
Six Month Smiles Glasgow has trained many dentists on how to use these braces to successfully treat their patients. The results have proven to be very astounding which means many people are now smiling with confidence. The treatment time is less, and the treatment itself is less intrusive and more hygienic. The follow up visits during the six months are also shorter. This new method of straightening crooked teeth and giving people the confidence to smile without being self-conscious can be considered a revolutionary move in the field of dentistry.

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