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Tips in Relocating Your Business Office

by honeymilibee

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It’s every business owner’s dream to relocate to a new and bigger office because it only means that the company is expanding. But part of this change are challenges such as searching for an office for rent and the moving itself.  Business office relocation comes with tedious tasks that are vital in the success of moving to a new office.


So to make the job easier for you, here are the things you should keep in mind when planning for office relocation.


Create a timeline.


In order for you  to be able to  plan properly, it is very important that all employees are aware about of the changes that will happen 4-6 months before the move. There are lots of heavy office equipment and furniture that will be transferred so be sure that you already know how the new office is going to be laid out to avoid delays.


Remember that budget allotment is also part of the planning so make sure that you’re putting budget on important things such as equipment transportation and movers.


Since you will be transferring to a new address, do not forget to update phone and internet services as well as acquiring necessary permits, insurance policies, business registration and other important documents.  By doing so, it will be easier to arrange the new workplace and the office will be able to operate again in no time.


Hire movers and cleaners ahead.


Relocating an entire office is a challenging task so if you think you’ll be needing more help in doing so, you have to hire movers or a cleaning service one to three months before the move.


Doing this early allows you to research for a company that offers services that you need at a rate the goes well with your budget.


Notify your clients before you move.


Even if you are moving to a new address, you still want your business transactions to be in progress so do not forget to let your clients or vendors know about the company’s new office address one to three months before relocating. Give them the necessary details in advance so that they could make adjustments to your shipping and billing address.


Update your website, letterhead and business cards .


A month before the moving takes place, it will be helpful to make an announcement on your website or any social media page about the upcoming relocation. Be sure to include the date of the relocation and the new business address so that your customers know where to find you.


During the final week,you should have already made the necessary changes on your website, letterhead and business cards so that everything is in place once your employees enter the new office.


Relocating an office is not an easy task  so make sure to plan well so that the supposedly big day for your business will not turn into a nightmare.  


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