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Pizza hut-Working day and night to win their customers heart

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Pizza is an Italian dish, prepared with an oven-baked, flat, usually circle shaped bread that is often covered up with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce as well as mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added, with respect to area, culture, or special likings.

Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain and worldwide franchise that offers diverse kinds of Italian pizza with side dishes comprising appetizers, pasta as well as garlic bread.

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, the world's leading restaurant Company

Pizza Hut is divided into diverse restaurant set-ups; the unique family-style dining restaurants; store front delivery or carry-out stores; plus hybrid locations that offer delivery, carry-out and dining alternatives, all in one.

Having completed 15 years of business in India, casual dining chain Pizza Hut is looking forward to increase its charisma across the nation and run 250 restaurants in India by 2015.

The brand new aggression by international food service majors is not shocking. In relation to a report by Maple Capital Advisors, the middle class which is the major client of the food service industry is likely to grow by 67 % by 2015, thus enhancing the ‘dining out’ customer base. The increase of malls as well as movie theater complexes has popularized food centres. Flavor innovations utilized to create diversity in the menu is an obvious way for companies to generate excitement for their food; however this requires to be done carefully.

But, Pizza Hut wants to concentrate on more than only pizzas and pizzas. It has offerings like appetizers, pastas and a larger variety of beverages. This is element of its strategy to make the evolution from fast food restaurants to a fine dining restaurant. “We realized that if you are in the restaurant business, there are certain hopes customers have from you,” said Sunay Bhasin, head (marketing), Pizza Hut. And the launch of wine as well as beer in about ten stores is element of the strategy. This is a model which has worked very well in up-coming markets, where the focus for Pizza Hut has been on fine dining rather than QSR.

Now, at a time when nearly all consumer goods companies and restaurants are either reducing weights of packs or portion sizes and cutting promotion expenditure, Yum! is putting money on a reverse strategy.

All Pizza Hut stores are increasing the portion of their pan pizzas by about 20% without raising the costs of it, only to win the hearts of its customers and maintain the charisma of Pizza Hut in the market.

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