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Best American Vintage Guitars From Fender

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Vintage generally refers to expensive and high quality items. Many people collect various types of vintage items and do not hesitate to pay any amount to get a high quality and unique piece. Like any other vintage items, vintage guitars are also collected by many people as these are high quality and produce an unique sound that was specific to that particular era. However, in the music industry, vintage does not necessarily mean an item which is old. It only signifies that the guitar is of excellent quality and generates a distinct sound. Several guitar collectors desire to buy classic guitars but as these are very expensive, only a handful of us and afford a piece or two.

Fender Guitars Fender recently introduced a new range of guitars known as the American Vintage Series. These instruments have the look and feel of classic guitars and resonates a sound which is similar to the original instruments. Moreover the affordable prices of these musical instruments have made these popular with in a short period of time. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is one of the most popular guitar brands in the world. The US-based company manufactures premium grade guitars and amplifiers.

Vintage Guitars This series offers a brand new collection of original model year classic guitars that represents the heritage and reputation of Fender as one of the market leaders. The new series of American vintage guitars reflects not only the history of guitars but also displays modern innovativeness to improve sound quality and performance. The main design and primary features resemble the guitars from the 1950s to 1960s. This new series includes many types of features and specifications and the highest level of accuracy to ensure the perfect vintage look.

Features of Vintage Guitars The new models from this series have slim and thick necks; whereas the edges and profiles have been redesigned to represent the correct era authentically. These guitars feature both rosewood and maple fingerboards; classic frets and bone nuts; brand new pickups wound with vintage looks to appropriate specs and sound to properly indicate particular model years. These also consist of revised pickguards, hardware and parts that are designed to correctly reflect particular model years. The models have custom and standard color modes that enhances the overall American vintage look.

Models of Fender Vintage Guitars Fender has introduced several new models of American vintage series guitars, namely the Vintage ’56, ’59 and ’65 Stratocaster guitar models; Vintage ’58 and ’64 Telecaster guitar models; Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster and ’65 Jaguar models. Apart from these there are many more classic guitar models from this reputed international brand.

You can easily find some of the best Fender guitars with a classic and vintage look at The website offers high grade musical instruments at excellent prices.

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