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PHP Web Development Comes With a Range of Advantages

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Earlier, enterprises were interested in building websites to attract more customers. But within a few years, websites have become essential for all types of businesses. With each other business going online, website development has become complex, challenging and competitive. So, developers often look for innovative ways to design websites that are distinct, dynamic and interactive. At the same time, programmers also look for programming languages that enable them to build robust internet applications and websites at a rapid pace.


As a popular programming language, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is widely used by web developers across the world. As PHP is open source and free, it complement the requirements and budget of all types of projects. Also, the programming language is effective in boosting the performance and scalability of websites, as it does not pout a lot of strain on the web servers. The language also offers a set of advantages that complement all rapid web application development projects.


Top 6 Advantages of PHP Development


  1. Open Source: The ongoing recessional phase of the economy is having a huge impact on website development cost. Most enterprises are looking for cost-efficient options to have an online presence. So many developers use open source programming languages to reduce the project cost. As PHP is an open source, it can be used by both independent and corporate developers. The language can be downloaded, distributed and used without incurring any expenses. Also, the programmer has option to edit, modify and update the source code to according to his specific requirements. The feature further makes PHP suitable for small enterprises who cannot afford the licensing cost of other languages.


  1. Less Server Strain: Along with choosing the right look and feel for a website, the programmers also need to explore option to optimize its performance and scalability. Many web application developers also find it a daunting challenge to reduce the strain on server. The PHP web applications are effective in putting a less strain on the web servers. If the web application is large, it can handle high level of traffic and user requests in a comfortable way. The inbuilt memory of the language ensures that the server load is reduced, and the website is running without any interruptions.


  1. Option to Use CMS: Most websites, nowadays, use a variety of content to keep the visitors engaged. So websites are designed with features to use content management system (CMS). Some of the most widely used CMS like WordPress and Joomla are designed using PHP and MySQL. So the CMS can be integrated seamlessly into a website. The integration will further contribute towards making the website more dynamic and interactive. As the language uses syntax similar to C and C++, a programmer can avail the help of a large community of developers to integrate the content management system.


  1. Compatible with Major Operating Systems and Servers: While developing a website or web application, you need to ensure that it can run major operating systems and web servers. PHP is popular among programmers due to its compatibility with major operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. Many reports have highlighted that a PHP application can run seamlessly on more than 99% of web servers. The compatibility with most operating systems and servers help programmers in developing robust websites that can be accessed by users regardless of their choice of computing device.


  1. Work with All Data Sources: The choice of database varies from one enterprise to another. Some businesses even store the data in a distributed environment. So the web application must be effective in supporting several databases. A PHP application works fine on database servers like MySQL. Further, the language is effective in managing data stored on a variety of databases. The efficient database management features makes the programming language to build web 2.0 applications and websites.


  1. Using PHP Frameworks: Most developers use web application development frameworks to avoid writing longer code. While developing a PHP web application, they have options to use several frameworks. The frameworks are further design to take care of some regular functions like content management, member management, search function, and admin backend. Also, an enterprise can option to use PHP frameworks that are free and open source. So the frameworks can contribute towards reducing both project development time and cost.


The large community of PHP developers frequently updates the programming language to meet the latest trends in web application development. The frequent and significant updates make PHP the best programming language for rapid web application development.


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