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Uses of PET Machines for PET Products Molding

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Injection molding machines could divide into different types according to the different raw material injection, such as PP machine(PP is for common plastic raw material, also suitable for PE, PS, ABS, and so on.),PET machine, PVC machine, PC machine, rubber machine and so on.

Why we divided machine types according to different raw materials? For different raw material, the melting feature is different. For example, PVC material, it is easy decomposition with higher temperature, once the material is decomposition, the PVC part strength would be reduced; PVC raw material is corrosion to the steel material. That’s why we use special screw and cooling fan at outside of the barrel for the PVC machine.

PET raw material is transparent; it is viscous during melting.PET raw material required longer time plasticizing during injection molding.

According to this point, PET machine is special designed for PET products molding. PET machine has three obvious differences from common injection molding machine:

  1. 1.      PET machine screw: the screw of PET machine is longer compared with common injection molding machine.
  2. 2.      PET machine frame size: the frame size of PET machine is bigger because we need to assemble longer screw in the machine injection unit.
  3. 3.      PET machine motor size: Use big motor for the PET material plasticizing driving.

The above special design could help to make sure PET raw material is completely plasticizing. With this design, PET machine could produce high quality transparent PET products.

PET machine with mould, additional machines, PET raw material, power and water supply could produce PET products automatically. PET products mainly for PET performs, also include PET test tubes, PET petri dishes and so on. PET performs have the highest requirements, we use stretch blowing machines to make the PET perform to big bottles. PET bottles are widely used for packaging drinking water, juice, Coca Cola, etc.

As we know, PET bottle is consuming very fast everyday in every corner of the world. That leads to a big requirement for the PET machine and PET preform mould. Many customers invest PET production line for different sizes of performs. Usually we design PET preform mould with valve gate hot runner system in order to get better injection. DKM is a professional manufacturer for PET machine and PET preform mould. We could offer you turnkey solution for the PET molding line, include PET machine, PET mould, auxiliary machines and technology training.


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