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How to have a flat stomach without exercise?

by gregore

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Liposuction, Just What the Doctor Ordered

You skip lunch and head straight to the gym. You work out like a fiend for an hour doing aerobics and some free weights, with a healthy dose of sit-ups for good measure. You perspire, raise your heart rate, and enjoy that post exercise burn. The endorphins are kicking in on the way to the shower, and life is good. Until you glance at your self in the mirror. There is no hiding from that protruding tummy. All that work and STILL that belly, and let’s face it those thighs will just not go away! Maybe it is time for some help. Perhaps a little body contouring with liposuction is just what the doctor ordered.

The ins and outs of liposuction

Liposuction has been around for years. There are numerous plastic surgeons in the Houston area that have a tremendous amount of experience with the procedure. Modern techniques and advances in medical research have produced shorter recovery times and minimized the pain involved. If you have realistic goals in mind, you should be quite happy with the outcome of the surgery. There are two main types of liposuction; suction-assisted and ultrasonic-assisted. In each procedure, the surgeon inserts a thin straw into a small incision and suctions out the unwanted fat cells. Specific areas of the body can be targeted, thus allowing the surgeon to contour your figure. To read more about the liposuction, click here.

Liposuction benefits vs. risks

There are some risks involved as there are with any surgery. With lipo, you may encounter bruising, inflammation, and infection. However, a skilled liposuction surgeon in Houston who has experience with the procedure can minimize those risks a great deal. Hundreds of thousands of people have the procedure performed every year and are extremely satisfied with the results. Overall health will be improved by the removal of unwanted fat. The procedure can literally shape your figure into the one you desire. Clothes will fit better, look better, and you will be proud to show off your new contours at the beach.

Liposuction recovery and long-term results

Recovery time is greatly dependent on the extent of the liposuction surgery. Most people can return to normal routines soon after the procedure. Your time may vary; sometimes it can take up to two weeks for complete recovery. Once you have recovered from the surgery it is vital to maintain a stable weight. If you do gain weight, it will not be in the areas that were lipo’d. Those fat cells are gone for good. Weight gain will show up in other areas and could conceivably throw your new contours out of balance. It is wise to maintain a healthy lifestyle anyway, for the obvious reasons of well-being and longevity.

Lipo should not be considered a substitute for a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet. However, if you maintain proper weight through nutrition and regular exercise, you will enjoy the benefits of the liposuction in Houston for years to come.

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