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What is ASP.NET? -Top 8 Advantages of ASP.NET

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.net development servicesEach user wants to access the most relevant and updated information on a topic from online sources. But the relevance and frequency of web content varies from one user to another. So most developers, nowadays, use server side web application frameworks to develop, deploy and maintain dynamic web pages. Each developer also has options to choose from a variety of application frameworks based on the nature and requirements of the project.

But in comparison to other frameworks, ASP.NET frameworks are used widely by developers residing in various parts of the world for .net application development. The features and advantages provided by the Microsoft backed framework also comes with loads of features that enable developers to build web pages, web applications, and web services without putting any extra time and effort. If you are new to this development, it is time to understand some of its most prominent advantages.

Why ASP.NET Scores over Other Web Application Development Frameworks?

1. Loads of Client-side and Server Controls: Developers often use built-in controls to avoid writing lengthy code. The rich server and client-side controls provided by ASP.NET make it easier for developers to save their time and effort. They can use some of these controls to develop wizards, calendars and interactive grids without writing long codes. Along with improving the user experience, the instant controls further make it easier for them to have complete control over the web application.

2. Easy to Learn: ASP.NET is hugely popular among the experienced programmers as well as beginners due to its easy-to-learn and user-friendly features. As it is built on common language runtime (CLR), a developer has options to write codes using any of the .NET supported language. Further, the beginners can easily learn the technology, and develop robust web applications by using its control features right away.

3. Reduced Development Time: Most companies require their developers to build robust web application as soon as possible. In comparison to other technologies, a developer can develop and deploy websites and applications very quickly. Each .NET supported language comes with a wide range of in-built features that make it easier for him to design variety of custom application. At the same time, a programmer can also build large and complex web applications without writing long codes. These features contribute towards reducing the project development time.

4. Flexibility: The frequent changes in user choices have made it essential for developers to make changed to the websites at regular intervals. Most developers also explore options to edit and update web pages in a quick and hassle-free way. ASP.NET allows them to easily boost the user experience by updating the source codes within a short span of time. Along with editing the existing web pages, the versatile framework has further made it easier for the programmers to add new pages and multimedia content.

5. Easy to Deploy and Maintain: Despite developing powerful web applications, many programmers find it challenging to deploy these properly. ASP.NET has made it easier for developers to build as well as deploy robust web applications. In comparison to other frameworks, ASP.NET allows them to set up and deploy the application on the clients’ web servers in a hassle-free way. Further, they can maintain the web pages in a flexible way, as the source code is executed on the server side. This feature also saves their time in editing and maintaining the web pages.

6. Constant Monitoring of Processes: Each process is constantly monitored by the ASP.NET runtime. The performance of your web application to handle user requests is not impacted, as a new process is started automatically, when a process becomes dead. At the same time, the server also constantly monitors each page, component and application. It automatically destroys the unusual activities like infinite loop and memory leakage to boost the performance of your website.

7. Use ASP.NET MVC Framework: Along with the ASP.NET web form, you also have options to avail the advantages of its MVC framework. As the MVC framework is designed based on ASP.NET, it allows you to avail most of its features and controls. However, the MVC framework is more lightweight, and also comes with loads of additional features in comparison to conventional technologies like JavaScript and CSS. You can use the MVC framework to develop more powerful and dynamic web applications by separating UI, business logic, data or model.

8. Enhanced Security: In addition to developing and deploying the web applications, developers have to take some additional measures to keep them secure and inaccessible. As ASP.NET comes with a robust and inbuilt security system, it makes it easier for programmers to use several authentication and authorization methods. The authentications ensure that the users can see only the most necessary parts of the code, and that too after being adequately authorized. These security systems make the website safe, secure and impenetrable without requiring you to use any additional security software and tools.

Microsoft is updating ASP.NET at regular intervals with new features and functionalities. The advanced features make it easier for the framework to meet the latest trends of website and web application development.

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