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The Right Way Remove Notes Database Local Security

by anonymous

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IBM Lotus Notes is considered as the most secure mailing platform because of many inbuilt security features that has significant role in today’s world of technology. The most important security feature in Notes is ACL (Access Control List). With the help of this management security tool, an admin can impose restriction on third person to access data from any NSF file. If any third person has to access the data then he/she has to first remove Notes database local security from file with the help of administrator.

Like ACL Lotus Notes has one more security feature i.e. encryption of database. Using this feature user can lock the access of particular data for public with a key and change the simple text data in typical codes. If any third person tries to open the encrypted Lotus Notes database then a message will pop up “Local Access Protection”. To access the file you have to be depending on administrator or the user. Assume that you got the encrypted file, now neither you have the key to open it nor in a contact with administrator or user who has encrypted the file. But it’s important for you to read the information. Such situations end up with question in mind as ( How do I remove encryption from NSF files.The answer is simple there is no way you can have the key to open the file but yes using the third party tool you would be able to remove encryption from data.

With so many benefits it has one loop hole as well.It sometime happens that even a right user receives a NSF file with all restrictions and when they click on file to open it, a message pops up “You are not authorized to access that database”.Under such condition user start wondering how can I open .nsf files? But that is not a problem at all, there are so many external tools available in market that can safely remove the restriction from Notes and allow user to do all operation like copying, editing etc on file.These tools are developed in ways that if a person has little technical knowledge and not curious towards technology then he/she can easily do the task.

When you will search for such tool that can ( remove notes NSF database local security you will get one name prominently and i.e. Securase.Developed by highly technical minds of a renowned company.This tool has the potential to remove both ACL as well as encryption security from the Lotus Notes database.

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