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Unwind in a Paris apartment rental after a busy day around

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Paris is a great city to visit. Not only does it have the breathtaking sights and attractions, the culture of the French people is something worth experiencing. It is not surprising that millions of people around the world troop to Paris on a yearly basis just to have a slice of the French culture. Paris is also very rich in history, further making it a very ideal tourist attraction. Day trips to nearby areas of the French capital can be very tiring given the number of attractions one can visit in Paris and its surrounding areas. It is for this reason that tourists who want to relax after a busy day in Paris should book a Paris apartment rental. Paris apartments provide more privacy compared to hotels, so tourists can unwind after a long day of touring the city.


There are many sights to explore in Paris. A typical day tour in Paris includes a stop at the Chateau de Versailles, the former seat of royal power in the country. This palace is a symbol of the French monarchy, its prestigious past and its downfall after the 1789 French Revolution. It was built by Louis XIV and became home to Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, who both were executed. The gardens of the palace are idyllic during the spring. Tourists also love touring the private quarters of Queen Marie Antoinette, including her animal farm and cottage. The palace is a mere 20 kilometers away from Paris.


For tourists who want to see more historical sites, the Rouen is a nice place to visit. This is the historic capital of Normandy. It was here where Joan of Arc was martyred after she was convicted and burnt at the stake in 1431. The town is also called, “Town with a Thousand Spires,” boasting of numerous breathtaking religious architecture. Aside from being a historical site, Rouen is also a good place to visit with numerous stores and boutiques dotting its streets. Rouen is just a train ride away from Paris.


Another place that is near Paris is Normandy. It is just an hour train ride away from the Paris capital. Normandy boasts of wide sandy beaches, breathtaking limestone cliffs and D-Day beaches and memorials.


These are just some of the recommended places for a day trip from Paris. After touring these places, one will naturally feel delighted but exhausted. Fortunately for tourists, Paris apartments provide a quiet and private resting place. It is for this reason that a Paris apartment rentals works best for tourists who go on day tours in Paris. Tourists who want to get more information on apartments in Paris can visit Paris address at

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