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Consult an Oakland Personal Injury Attorney

by maggiemalone

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No matter how much people try to make things go smoothly, accidents will still happen. To put things into perspective, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the pride of the San Francisco Bay Area, had so far 8 documented accidents in San Francisco, East Bay, Alameda County, and Oakland areas. Just last June 11, an elevator mechanic had an accident at the construction site of the new 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction work is the seventh most dangerous job in the United States by claiming 26.8 fatalities per 100,000 workers. However, whether one's industry is considered risky or not, Bay Area people who have suffered a setback in their careers due to a job-related incident must consult a practicing personal injury attorney in Oakland to ensure that he or she will be duly compensated for the unfortunate incident.

Based on the same report, fishing is by far the most risky job. Gears that don't work, transportation problems, and unpredictable weather are only some of the reasons why fishing has remained on top of the list of dangerous occupations since 1992. Logging workers have the second most number of fatalities for 2013. Aviation, refuse and recyclable material collection, roofing, structural iron and steel workers, construction, farming, haulage, and mining make up the top 10 most dangerous occupations.

Issues involving accidents, whether work-related or not, can be brought with an Oakland accident attorney, who can provide a great deal of help in receiving what he or she should from tort. In a tort lawsuit, it is sometimes difficult for the victim to prove that the tortfeasor truly has the means to prevent the injury from happening. Mitigating circumstances must clearly be addressed as these things increases the benefits a victim can receive.

Personal injury covers a spectrum of accidents that harm either the physical or the emotional aspect of a person. While it is true that not every injury that befalls a person could be grounds for suing a liable individual, it is still best to consult one's lawyer to find out if an injury will be covered for by someone else.

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