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You Too Can Have Great Comic Con Cosplay Costumes

by anonymous

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Good News! Costumes aren’t just for Halloween parties anymore. The rise of geek culture has seen more and more people embracing their “nerd” side and in a lot of cases this means buy a costume of your favorite science fiction or fantasy character. Dressing up as a specific character is often referred to as Cosplay and for many it’s like a religion. Many think that a good costume should be hand-made. However, if you take a look at a few of the costumes at on-line stores, this is no longer the case. As you can see Cosplay costumes come in any number of styles, sizes and species. Comic Cons have grown tremendously in size over the last few years. This provides an opportunity to not only represent your favorite character, but in many cases you can actually meet them. The other fun aspect of a convention is the opportunity you have to find out who else shares your passion. Typically fans of the same series, video game or movies can easily identify each other making a convention a great place to meet new friends.


To truly enjoy your Comic Con experience you should think about more than just having a great costume. Chances are you going to be in this costume all day long. In some cases you may even have to wait outside. How bulky is it? What kind of material is it made out of? Heavier materials, like those used for furry characters, will be heavy and could easily lead to heat exhaustion. Make sure you plan accordingly by breaking character and packing a bag with Gatorade and a light snack. If your costume lacks material, as is typical with anime characters, make sure you pack some double-sided tape. This will help you to avoid any unfortunate and embarrassing accidents. Inevitably, when this many people are in the same space and they all love the same thing, there will be some overlap. Make your costumesfound at famous stores stand out by adding some realism. The great thing about cosplay is getting to add all of the props and accessories that make your character come to life. If your character carries a sword, enhance the look of the sword that comes with your costume by repainting, adding battle scars or other accessories. If your character is of a different species, picking the right make-up can do a lot to enhance your look.


The best costumes aren’t necessarily just the most elaborate. You have to become your character as well. Have a good time reciting your favorite lines and acting out scenes with fellow cosplayers. Staging a choreographed sword fight is sure to get the attention of the press. Don’t be surprised if a costume and the right attitude get your picture posted on message boards, or even the nightly news. So whether you are headed off to a convention or hanging out with friends at a local get together, remembers to have fun and embrace your inner geek.


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