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Advertising- The Brand Messenger

by tdiindianew

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Advertising is an important marketing tool for any brand or service. It is an ideal art of communication which instructs, informs and persuades a target group about your product or service. In brief, the role of advertising is to act as a communicator between the brand and the target audience. Advertising delivers the brand message to the target group in a well-groomed style. Advertising also highlights the best features about your brand to the target audience and familiarizes them about the same.


Why do we advertise?

Advertising is important for any brand, service or event. Following reasons explain why advertising is important:
  1. To market your brand or service: The most significant reason for advertising is that it helps you market your brand or service to the target group.
  1. To deal with your competitors: There is cut-throat competition prevailing in the market. Advertising is one ideal means to deal with your competitors in the market. The right advertising campaign can bring your brand or service ahead from your competitors.


  1. To provide brand recall value: Advertising provides brand recall value which is an important factor for brand positioning. 

Where do we advertise?

There are a wide range of advertising tools and mediums which are categorized as:
  1. Broadcast Advertising- Broadcast Advertising comprises of Television Ads, Radio Ads and Internet Ads. Besides Radio ads, Television and Internet ads rely upon electricity.  
  1. Print Advertising- Print Advertising includes Newspapers ads, Brochures, Pamphlets, Magazines, Journals etc.
  1. Outdoor advertising- Any mode of promotion carried out of home comes under outdoor advertising such as Billboard Advertising, Airport Advertising, Metro Advertising, DMRC Advertising etc
  1. Web advertising: Web Advertising or online advertising is the latest trend of advertising. Web Advertising comprises of PPCs, Viral marketing, EDMs, Banners etc
  1. Mobile advertising: Advertising through mobiles has set record as one of the most effective tools of promotion. Mobile SMS advertising renders immediacy and effectiveness to the target group. 

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