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ColdFusion Offers Seamless Integration with HTML5

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As the new standard for HTML, HTML5 elements and APIs are supported by major web browsers. HTML5 is designed with a set of features based on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and DOM. Along with reducing the need for external plug-ins, replacing script with markups, and handling errors effectively, the technology is also designed as device independent. Many developers have already started using HTML5 to build web2.0 websites and web applications. The growing popularity of the new standard has encouraged many companies to upgrade their web application development platforms with seamless integration with HTML5.

Adobe launched ColdFusion 10 with full support for HTML. The support will make it easier for developers to build variety of web application that offers richer user experience. The feature can also be used by programmers without having any prior HTML5 knowledge and experience. In addition to developing new websites and web applications, the support further enables developers to optimize the performance of existing websites without rewriting the code. The upgraded version of ColdFusion also comes with a set of innovative features that helps programmers in building web applications regardless of the type of device used by the end-users.

Optimizing User Experience with In-Built Support Extended by ColdFusion for HTML5  

HTML5 Charting: Most websites are, nowadays, being developed with client-side charts. The client-side charts are also effective in making a website more interactive and dynamic. But the programmers often have to write longer lines of code to customize the charts. ColdFusion 10 makes it simpler for developers to implement client-side HTML5 charts without writing lengthy codes. They can choose from a large collection of charts, and implement these simply by using the built-in CFCHART tag. The charts can further be customized to meet the specific requirements of each website. At the same time, the features also enable programmers to include the charts designed using Adobe Flash Technology.

HTML5 Web Sockets: As each user has options to choose from a range of websites and web application, he often opts for a website that provides the latest and updated information. So it has becomes essential for developers to impress users by generating real-time server response. But programmers have to put some amount of time and effort to publish data to multiple clients, and generate real-time server response. With the built-in support for HTML5 web sockets, ColdFusion 10 has made it easier for programmers to push data point-to-point or publish data simultaneously to multiple clients through real-time server response. Also, a programmer can use the messaging without having any prior knowledge of the protocol.

HTML5 Video Player: Along with providing the latest and most relevant information, the web application also needs to impress users by presenting the data in an impressive way. In comparison to textual content and images, video clips are more effective in communication a message in a stylish and impressive way. But developers often find it a daunting challenge to include video clips to target the web browsers that do not support HTML5. ColdFusion 10 allows programmers to design web applications using both HTML5 video player and Adobe Flash player. The updated version also offer a set of well-defined APIs to ensure that the website optimize the user experience consistently, irrespective of their choice of web browser.

Optimizing Existing Websites: In addition to developing new application using ColdFusion 10, you can also avail the HTML5 advantages to optimize the performance of the existing website. Also, the new features can be included in your existing web application without writing any additional code. For instance, you can use HTML5 web sockets to make the websites interactive by integrating a live chat option. The web application can also use features like built-in email management and scheduled tasks to provide dynamic data to the users based on the parameters received from them.

Along with built-in support for HTML, ColdFusion 10 also comes with enhanced support for languages, web services and security. Adobe has further included the built-in Tomcat application server to enable the web applications to deliver rich user experience on a consistent basis. Coldfusion development services teams can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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