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Increase the Odds of Approval for Social Security Disability

by erminiacavins

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Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance can be cumbersome for many, especially since potential claimants are not in the so-called pink of health when they begin the benefits process. In Kansas, for example, there are more than 72,000 people getting disability payments since 2011. However, a considerable percentage of this figure may have experienced claim rejection the first time they filed.

There is no fool-proof way to ensure that applications for social security disability in Kansas City will be approved. There are things, though, that can stack the odds in one’s favor if a claimant is so inclined. Such action could also cut the average three- to five-month length of time it takes for the US Social Security Administration (SSA)—which handles all disability petitions—to deal with an application.

The first thing an applicant can do is to get all medical records in order. The SSA is very particular about medical evidence that will prove the true nature of one’s disability. A person seeking remuneration should have symptoms that can be measured and supported by medical examination.

It is vital to work closely with a medical provider when social security disability is being processed. Detail all symptoms and make sure that such are methodically reflected in medical records. If there is a need for further tests, ask the primary medical provider for referrals. A subjective symptom such as a headache, for example, should be substantiated; meaning, it should be a symptom of a debilitating disease before it can be acceptable to the SSA.

The other thing that could increase the chances of approval of an application for social security disability in Kansas City is to get legal representation. A lawyer by the claimant’s side is especially necessary when the application is rejected. A legal counsel will know what to do in the next step of disability petition after rejection, which is to appeal through hearing.

A social security disability application can be tedious. It should be, since it is payroll taxes that are paying beneficiaries. The stringent policies have also been put in place to prevent dishonest but otherwise healthy individuals from taking advantage of this financial reprieve. For more on this topic, check out;

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