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The AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer Cleaned My Deck Righ

by james002

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The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is another outstanding high quality machine coming out of the shop of world leader Annovi Reverberi. The company has been on top of the power washing world for many years and with the introduction of the AR383 you can really see why.


You get a high quality machine with the electric AR383 and a wide range of efficient features. One feature that really makes this washer stand out is the triple plunger pump which features a total stop system. This means that you will be assured that the pump will last much longer than many other brands due to its high-grade stainless steel plunger system, and the fact that the pump shuts completely down the instant that the trigger is released. The long life expectancy of this unit makes it one of the most cost effective pressure washers on the market today.


A common complaint that you hear about most washers is that they fail to deliver enough power to get the job done right. The AR383 is able to generate 1.5 gallons per minute of water flow, which means that it can really handle tough jobs quickly. The Blue Clean also comes with a built in detergent bottle which will provide you with the best mix of water and cleaning solution.  Using the solution before you pressure wash will really help to break up the grime.


Many washers on the market, especially electric models are not able to create enough force for tough stains. You'll hear a lot of complaints about low pressure and slow water flow for many different washers. At 1,900 pounds per square inch of force you won't have to worry about this unit not having enough power to handle even the toughest of stains. There are a number of safety features with this washer including a safety valve that will turn off the flow to the pump head if too much pressure builds up.

If you have a difficult cleaning job, then you need a pressure washer that will be able to handle it. The AR383 has almost twice the cleaning capacity of many machines on the market, coming in at 2,850 cleaning units. Everything from garage floor oil spots to moldy vinyl siding can be cleaned to spic-and-span fresh in minutes, saving time, detergent and water.


The accessories include a variable spray wand with a rotating tip.  You can easily switch back and forth with a simple flick of your wrist and use the wide spray setting for rinsing and applying detergent and the pencil thin jet stream for cleaning tough stains. Other washers have complicated spray adjustments. I really like the detergent bottle that attaches to the wand.  It will mix the water properly and really break up dirt before I get going on my heavy power washing.


The AR Blue Clean also has a nice storage reel for the 20 foot long pressure hose. You'll really like the nice storage area on the back of the machine where you can neatly attach all of your accessories including the spray wand and nozzle. I like being able to keep all of the attachments together very neatly and having them right at hand when they are needed.


The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is without a doubt one of the best washers on the market today. For all of those cleaning jobs around the house look no further than the cost effective, efficient AR383.


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