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An effective hint for buying the best discount tanning lotio

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It is an agreeable fact that the best tanning effect is attained with the application of a tanning lotion. There are lots of products in the market to choose from and for many people the choice to make is primarily determined by each product’s price tag. More often than not, products with expensive price tags are considered to have the best quality. This is however not always the case even with regards to skin tanning products. For this reason, many people are opting to go for discount tanning lotions having identified exactly what to look for in the numerous options available. How can you shop smart and get great skin tans?

As a buyer of skin tanning products you must understand that the quality of a tanning lotion is determined by the ingredients used to make it, the cost that went into product development, and the manufacturing process. The expenses of branding, marketing and distribution are then factored in so as to arrive at the final price for a given tanning lotion. Nevertheless, from the buyer point of view, you want to know what you’ll be getting in return for your money. Whatever expenses a manufacturer incurred for branding and so on are really none of buyers concerns; only the ingredients that went into the lotion are of consequence. Accordingly, for each of the discount tanning lotions you will come across, head straight for the ingredients list and read thoroughly. The first ingredient that you are likely to come across will be water (aqua). Check to see what percentage volume of the lotion is water – it is typically upwards of 80%. The point: a lotion with more water should cost cheaper.

After water there will be a multitude of chemical names and names of plant extracts. These are the lotion’s active ingredients and their volumes are typically below 5% for cheap products and as much as 15% in quality products. You need not go for 15%; discount tanning lotions that have slightly lower percentages of active products should make for a good bargain. 8%-10% volumes are quite ideal. It is sometimes the case that you’ll come across an affordably priced tanning lotion with a high volume of active ingredients, sometimes up to 85%, because it is based on a natural extract like aloe vera, for instance. Again the issue of ingredients is brought to the fore. Aloe vera is one of the best natural moisturizers and therefore such a tanning lotion is most likely going to provide top-notch results. Such is a product worth spending money on.

Discount tanning lotions are ideal for owners of tanning salons. If you run such a business then you should know that using quality products is imperative for customer satisfaction. Knowing what ingredients have been used in your lotions of choice will help you to make smarter purchasing decisions.

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