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New to indoor tanning? These facts will help

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Perhaps the only advantages that skin tan aficionados can attribute to indoor skin tanning are the fact that they don’t have to lie long hours in the sun and that their chances of developing skin cancer courtesy of exposure to UV rays will be considerably reduced. There is however so much more to indoor skin tanning and its worth knowing.

First, it’s necessary to get some idea of how a tanning bed works, of course in addition to the common knowledge that it uses UV rays to produce the tanning effect. Three types of UV light exist i.e. UVA, UVB and UVC. A tanning bed is designed to harness both UVA and UVB with the former being used in highly concentrated amounts. The UVB component of UV light is responsible for the stimulation of melanin production in the skin. The UVA component on the other hand oxidizes the excreted melanin thus producing the tanning effect. The UVC component is however filtered away owing to its harmful properties. Getting a tan indoors or outdoors is made possible with exposure to UV rays. Nonetheless, it is only in the controlled environment of the indoors that exposure to UV rays can be regulated thus offering a better guarantee against the risk of burning.

The use of an indoor tanning lotion is of paramount importance. In the composition of such a lotion is a number of chemicals whose role is to ready the skin for tanning. In other words, your skin will be more receptive to getting the desired tan with the application of an indoor tanning lotion.

Of necessity is to ensure that your skin is well prepared for your tanning session. It is rather obvious that your skin should be clean and so you’ll have to step into the shower. You’ll have to be more thorough while in the shower though – you don’t want dead skin impairing the quality of you tan. The use of an exfoliator and then a body poof will guarantee that you won’t take any dead cells to the tanning bed. After exiting the shower ensure that you apply a light moisturizer on your skin as this will help to keep the pores open and moisture levels adequately sufficient.

Just before stepping into the tanning bed is when you should apply indoor tanning lotion – do this on your legs and arms if not anywhere else. You also want to get an even spread of the lotion so as to get an even tan without any patchy spots. Using circular application motions is recommended in this regard. You’ll have a choice between tanning nude or while clothed; nude is the preferred norm. Nevertheless, after the application of a bronzer indoor tanning lotion, getting a tan when clothed is not recommended due to the risk of staining.

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