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Rent Hot Desk Space in One of Finsbury Park's Most Iconic Bu

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Blighty Workspace Finsbury Park is the creative freelancers' away from home alternative to the conventional office. Break out of the corporate cubicle and work freely, 24/7 by renting hot desks that support the digital lifestyle. Get the job done today.

Break Out of the Corporate Cubicle

If you're a creative freelance professional able to work outside of the traditional office setting, lucky you! Blighty workspace Finsbury Park meets the demands of this new trend of the digital age, providing practical solutions conducive to creativity. Located in one of London's most iconic buildings, shared workspace Finsbury Park provides easy access to the city's most thriving and prominent cosmopolitan districts.

Rethink How, Where and When You Work

Technology has enabled modern-day companies to streamline their operations and downsize their business offices. At the same time, creative professionals no longer necessarily work the typical 9 to 5 workday, but are in contact with their international offices and clients, any time of day or night. This presents exciting opportunities for freelancers to rethink how and where they work, adapting their work schedule to that of their global business partners' needs, or their personal preferences. Renting hot desks Finsbury Park provides modern freelance professionals with the ability to work amorphously and virtually anywhere, anytime.

Get the Job Done at Blighty Workspace

Savvy creative entrepreneurs leading the digital lifestyle recognize the importance of being nimble. They appreciate the flexibility and freedom to suddenly work in a more conducive creative environment. Renting hot desks Finsbury Park provides an escape from at least some of the office politics while providing a welcome solution to the distractions of roommates or family members, or when you need to work into the night without disturbing others. It's also a remedy for the feelings of isolation, all too common when working from home.

Network with Other Creative Professionals

The Shared Workspace Finsbury Park provides a natural, organic way to network. Take a break and recharge in the on-site coffeehouse or garden or just bounce ideas off of other creative professionals. Attend Blighty's career and networking events to make connections and form beneficial alliances with other creative professionals and the greater creative community. It's a great way to learn about creative opportunities in the job market. Also, feel free to use our resource library to aid you in your creative and professional endeavors.

Choose Your Membership Level

Blighty Workspace Finsbury Park strives to serve all the needs of every creative professional by providing three membership levels. Basic Membership is for those who need hot desks Finsbury Park occasionally, entitles you to attend Blighty events and participate in the online community. The Resident Membership provides you with 24/7 (great for night owls and moonlighters), along with access to your own personal workspace Finsbury Park. Team Membership is for creative teams that require hot desk space for five or more people. This is a great alternative to leasing expensive office space, or for companies that need interim space or workspace Finsbury Park for one-off projects in a warm, welcoming creative environment.

Come on, get the job done at Blighty Workspace, your home away from home alternative to the conventional office and corporate cubicle.

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The author Phillip Greaves uses Blighty shared workspace at Finsbury Park in North London. Experienced with this company, as well as with others, he's fully appraised of the benefits and drawbacks that those using shared office space will come into contact with.

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