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A Thing Or Two One Should Know Before Buying A Chastity Belt

by adultmart

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Though adult toys are the major flavour of the adult market the chastity devices have been widely used in the present century. Chastity restrains can be a great source of pleasure. They are what many people refer to as fetish devices. They are basically a locking item to be worn in order to prevent sexual intercourse. Chastity belts have been designed for the use of both men and women. These belts have existed since the 15th century where women wore chastity belts as an anti-temptation device during Crusades.

When the knight went into Crusades, his women would were a chastity belt to preserve her faithfulness to her husband. Even now a day’s many people wear them to protect themselves from rape or temptation. But most people buy chastity restraints to have a different experience while having sex. They are easy to use and help partners to understand and control their sex drives. Today they are also used in BSDM plays and consensual relationships.

Modern day chastity belt designs are based on the “Florentine pattern”, where a protective covering encapsulates the genitals between the legs and is held in position by means of a belt worn around the waist. If the belt has to be worn for a longer period, then it must have provisions for the wearer’s hygienic needs. Chastity belts are easily available in major sex shop.

Buying Chastity belts for men from online sex shops usually consist of a tube in which the penis is inserted facing downwards. There may be provision at the bottom of the tube to allow urine to pass. There are also other types of belts where only the head of the penis is held inside the tube while the testicles are left exposed. While other some sophisticated designs engulf the entire male genital. For females, the belt consists of normally a flat band with a small opening through which the labia can stick out and urine can pass through. Some types of chastity belts even have a perforated layer over this slot to prevent the wearer from touching their labia. These also prevent the insertion of butt plugs inside the wearer. Then there are chastity cages, which have a ring around the base of the penis to make erections uncomfortable. Usually they are made out of plastic or silicone, hence they are light weight and cheap.

There are certain safety concerns regarding the use of chastity belts of men specially. The male genitalia are a delicate structure. So careful considerations should be give to the size of the shield and the ring. Too small a ring will obstruct the flow of blood to the penis while too small one would not serve its purpose. And in case a person loses his chastity belt keys then a lot of cutting will be involved near the precious reproductive part. There are certain safety issue regarding the hygiene in long term chastity belts. But if one uses it carefully, the chastity belt can prove to be an impressive sex toy.

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