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Elegant Green and White Combination Fabrics for Men and Wome

by jamesv

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Clothing is of two different types. Ready made and tailored dresses are the two kinds. Today people prefer custom made dress or tailored type greater than ready made one as it can be changed at any time they need the alteration. But in ready made it cannot be. And also tailored type is usually a perfect fit as it will be stitched by taking the body line measurements.

Fabrics are of three types. First type is the natural kind that comprises cotton, linen, silk and wool. Wool is taken from animal skin. Silk is the most fabulous type which is extracted from silk worm pupa. Cotton and line is formed out from plant seed and flax respectively. Synthetic or man made fabrics are rayon, nylon and so on. These types are made out from combining chemicals to either organic or inorganic materials. The third type is such a kind which is made out from synthetic fabrics which includes chiffon, denim, acrylic etc. this varies according to the combinations, weight, texture like characteristics.

Women as well as men today are very high passionate in selecting their dresses. We always used to wear dresses according to the upcoming trends. There are many styles in dresses for both women and men. For men, a new trend is the green and white striped fabric dress. 100 percent linen type green and white combinations are found in many stores. There are different styles and trends in this pattern which are uniquely made for the customers are now available in textile stores. The material is not only available in linen but also in poly cotton, silk etc.

The other trend of fabric style is green brocade fabric. This type has given fashion field a new style level. This is mainly used for making ladies fashion dress. Material commonly used for brocade dresses is silk. The green color makes the dress extravagant and it is silky soft inn texture. It will be definitely attractive. It is made in wonderful and unique manner and so it has a great demand in haute couture area. Different patterns are also available in this type. Green and black combination brocade silk is now an upcoming pattern. Other patterns are with purple, gold combinations.

These fabrics are made out in different ways. It differs in different regions. In some places, textile workers will cut the material and sewn by their hands. In some places, they will use a sewing machine for stitching the cut fabrics. Today there are even more advanced techniques for stitching the fabrics. A textile store is so important for the world people. A basic need for the people is cloth. Thus we cannot avoid a textile shop in our life. Even these stores are life food for some people. Now there are options for finding desired fabrics through online. Different textile websites are now available widely on internet.

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