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Is The Electric Tootbrush Right For You

by tilixopi

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Electric toothbrushes aren't the same as battery-powered toothbrushes, which are similar to manual brushes but use a AA battery to make the bristles vibrate a little, thus providing some extra cleaning. True electric toothbrushes are rechargeable units that plug into the wall. You change the brush heads every three to six months and keep the handle, which receives the charge. The heads comes in different shapes and sizes and work differently. They may oscillate, vibrate, rotate or use sonic technology.
For the many people who struggle to brush their teeth properly with a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush can be an improvement because it is less dependent on brushing correctly. Advanced electric toothbrushes include an automatic timer in their design, which makes it easier for users to know when their two minute brush is complete. This ensures a proper clean is achieved to maintain oral hygiene. People with arthritis in their hands or other disabilities may also find it easier to hold an electric toothbrush because they have a bigger handle than manual ones. They can just hold it in their mouth and let the electric motion do the work without them having to move the toothbrush around in a delicate manner. For bristle variety, you have choices between soft, medium and hard nylon bristles. Most dentists would recommend the use of soft bristles as they run lesser risk of damaging the gums, the tooth's protective enamel as well as the root surface. But then again, if you are not a good brusher, you might want to try out medium bristles for better coverage. Good thing there are electric toothbrushes that have replacements heads so you can take advantage of all three options whenever you feel like it.
Although the rechargeable toothbrush is more expensive, it is however generally better than its cousin disposable battery. The tests usually show a greater cleaning efficiency, furthermore, it is more "green". The battery power creates additional waste, and for many of these brushes, the head can not be changed, so you throw it all as soon as the brush begins to wear.
Although almost any toothbrush can do an effective job, research suggests there is one electronic toothbrush bristle configuration that seems to be better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease. Electric toothbrushes with bristles that rotate together in one direction, and then switch and rotate in the opposite direction — a process known as rotating-oscillating — appear to be more effective than manual brushes and other electric brushes that spin in only one direction. If you do opt for an electronic toothbrush, a model with rotating-oscillating bristles is probably your best bet.
An electric toothbrush is not a necessity for most people. Used properly, a manual brush should be fine for most. Studies do not show any major differences between regular and powered. Although a powered type may make things easier, you still need to spend the same time cleaning every day!
30 Second Smile is the rechargeable toothbrush that thoroughly cleans all of your teeth in 30 seconds, reducing necessary brushing time by 75%. It automatically executes the Bass technique, a brushing method recommended by the American Dental Association. If you want to keep those pearly whites pearly, grab the rest of story at 30 second smile. The pivoting heads self-adjust to accommodate narrower front teeth and broader back teeth and the bristles have varying lengths to clean prominent tooth surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces.

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