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Extensive UI Controls- Endless Possibilities with Net

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To develop applications in any platform of .NET, you must have an access to control toolsets. Such an access allows you to develop applications extensively in .NET platforms, which includes the new NetAdvantage designed for windows UI and the hybrid applications in HTML5 via the Ignite UI. Additionally, it also supports NetAdvantage Reporting.


NetAdvantage, specially designed for .NET, provides you the tools required for designing and developing high-performance and attractive business applications making use of the world’s fastest Charts and Grids. Moreover, you can also set up the stage for maximum use of UX by implementing a tool of design interaction helping in rapid interactive prototyping.


1. Touch UI: You can easily deliver the newest touch UI through controls that are gesture friendly in an extensive range of platforms. The controls come with larger buttons and offer wonderful support to most common interactions like grouping, scrolling, multiple sorting, etc. You can easily go ahead with the process without the use of any sort of extensions or plug-ins. Have a look at the Controls:


  • jQuery/HTML5 Controls: Ignite UI offers the best support in delivering the best HTML5 applications that offer stunning data visualization and speedy performance. Moreover, it also lets you deliver on a various range of browsers, device, and platforms equally. You no longer need to sacrifice on your time, money, and resources and focus on building robust apps at ease.


  • ASP.Net Controls: Now, you can develop rich business applications in a diverse range of web browsers with the help of NetAdvantage for ASP.NET. The controls featuring the fastest Data Grid in the world offer an unmatched performance.


  • Windows Forms Controls: The Windows NetAdvantage allows you to revive the applications of enterprise desktop at ease assisting you in delivering incredible experience to your prospective users.


  • Silverlight Controls: This particular control allows the developers to integrate modern and cutting edge apps in the market by reducing the development time largely. Fast performance, dynamic themes, and touch support rolled in a single package.


  • WPF Controls: This too works in the same way as Silverlight controls with the help of NetAdvantage rolling all aspects in one.


  • Reporting Controls: This integrates the HTML5 Report Viewers technology that enable a continuous support to touch devices making it easy for users to access actionable intelligence through their iPhone or iPad.


  • Windows UI Controls: It allows creation of applications with the help of NetAdvantage that are high-performing and bold alongside driving revenue via Windows store. The superior controls of data visualization impress and innovate equally.

2. Cross-Platform: Design and develop high standards of jQuery and hybrid HTML5 user experience across a range of devices like tablet, desktops, mobile, etc. This also includes features like multiple devices targeting via frameworks like MVC and PhoneGap. The controls include:


  • jQuery/HTML5 Controls

  • ASP.Net Controls


3. UX Prototyping: Explore the world of interactive design ideas via fast, user-centric, prototyping and wireframing alongside evaluating your desktop, web, and mobile applications, prior to going for a single line code investment.


  • Prototyping Controls: The latest introduction in the design tool enables you to explore the world of apps maintaining a quick and simple approach. You can create UI prototypes that are functional by keeping the focus straight on user experience at each stage.


  • Patterns Browser Icons: With this, interaction developers and designers can communicate and collaborate on design libraries, while exploring the many ways of using the patterns to develop a better experience for the users. Through this, you can create rich and robust UIs via sharing ideas.


4. Desktop Development: This particular process allows you to develop high-performing and scalable enterprise applications that are touch-enabled in any platform of your interest and choice. The controls most of which are already discussed includes:


  • Windows Forms Controls

  • Silverlight Controls

  • WPF Controls

  • Reporting Controls


Additionally, the LightSwitch Controls enable the developers to provide easy and quick tools aiding in the development of high-performing and stunning business applications customized to your needs across different platforms.


ASP.NET allows you to explore extensive possibilities of this particular software framework while doing .NET development. This technology is the brainchild of Microsoft and goes a long way in creating a great UI through various controls.


We provide .Net application development services. If you would like to know more about the expertise of our certified .net developers, please free to reach out to us at Mindfire Solutions.

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