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5 Reasons why People should opt for Management Course after

by anonymous

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I did my masters in business administration (MBA) from SIIB  pune and it was a very joyful journey. MBA in pune is so much fun that I still remember the early days when I had joined Symbiosis in early 2009. It has been 4 years now . The 5 most important reasons why anyone should opt for MBA in Symbiosis or from any other institute are as under :

1. MBA teaches you business know-how, and  the business concepts prevalent in and across all domains. A technical guy working in a blue chip company may not be aware of business terminologies and the overall business processes which is fun to learn in a b school.

2.MBA  helps you to understand team-work, learn within diverse environment and most important is time management. I remember within Symbiosis Institutes, most of the business schools had stringent timelines. Right from 8:30 AM in the class from morning to finishing assignments by 11 PM was usual. We are understood to remain tough and manage our time within available bandwidth. SIIB has diverse spectrum of students from varied domains be it agriculture,finance,Engineering,Science or  Commerce , almost everyone has to learn from each other because each day we learn something that has to be discussed amongst ourselves. In that process and exchange of knowledge we end up learning a lot more from each other.

3.Better jobs and placements:  Campus placements might be tough for some students but overall most of the students in SIIB gets nicely placed. From an average package of 7.5-8 lacs in India to 15-18 lacs as international, I think everyone is happy with it by the time they pass out. These figures are not permanent and keeps changing every year .  It does not matter in the first couple of years after we pass out. We understand the privilege of MBA may be after we finish 5 years in a blue chip company.  Promotions become faster, early rise in packages,etc.  MBA in Symbiosis is definitely a moment to cherish for a long lasting time.

4.MBA in Symbiosis is a dream to nurture :  MBA in pune is being provided by many institutes. MITCON,DY PATIL, Indira,etc . There are a plentiful but Symbiosis in pune stands tall in terms of 3 things which matters most to a business school and students. : Incredible placements, Excellent Faculty and industry aligned courses. I think this is where SIIB makes a lot of difference .It is because of this reason SIIB has been recently awarded the 10th best business school in India by a leading magazine.

5.MBA helps in entrepreneurship: There are people who come with numerous ideas and want to start their own venture. In that process many opt out of placements. Within Symbiosis each institute nurtures entrepreneurship through their entrepreneurship cell. This helps people to grow and believe in their own concepts and ideas. I think that is the beauty of a business  school.

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