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find a student loans

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No Money? –

You can still pay for College!


 “How to pay for college”? is one big question if you are a student either awaiting your graduation or in for a Ph.D. With the increasing cost of education, you need to give a serious thought to keep you out of financial stress. Here are some basic ways to help you pay for college. You can earn, borrow or get gifts.


The “US Department of College Education” keeps you informed about funding options available for college students.


When we say “gifts”, it could also mean scholarships. The deserving student gets aid from an organization or from an individual to pay for his studies. High school students, about to be graduated, get scholarships from Rotary clubs and the Chamber of Commerce, and as for college students, they can seek the support of institutional financial aid. Scholarship awards are determined by colleges based on the students’ financial aid packages and academic scholarships.


Merit scholarships and athletic scholarships are awarded to students based on their proficiency. The students are awarded scholarships also based on their ethnicity and financial needs. School guidance office or financial aid office in the colleges can assist with reliable information about scholarships.


Grants are yet another form of gifts that are similar to scholarships which need not be repaid. Government and individual colleges award grants to students based on their financial requirements. ‘Pell Grants’ are awarded to undergraduates. FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) is mainly to support the undergraduates who are in dire need of funds to pursue further.


National SMART Grant (National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant) is granted for outstanding students eligible for Pell Grants and who opt to study mathematics, engineering, technology and languages. ACG (Academic Competitiveness Grant) and TEACH Grant (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant) are some of the awards to assist in higher studies. However, all grants specify certain norms and those who are eligible can be benefited by these awards to pay for colleges.


Loan from banks or private financial institutions is the option preferred by those who are not eligible for awards of any kind. When choosing to avail loans, it is advisable to go for federal loans as the interest rate is very low and the deal is also good. Millions of students choose to find a student loans in which the interest rates are very low and which need not be repaid while in college.


Banks and other financial institutions extend their support to the students by granting loans with variable rates of interest. However, benefits of federal loans cannot be expected when availing loans from banks. Borrowing with credit cards should be the last resort as it is likely to burden the students with much financial stress.


A lot of schools participate in “Federal Work Study” program through which millions of students get benefited. This program offers part time jobs to make income while studying. The jobs related to studies are offered to qualified students and a part of their earning is withheld to support college tuition fees. State and federal agencies can be approached by the students to get informed about various services that help them pursue their studies.

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