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Alarming Dementia Numbers Bring Focus toDementia Care Reform

by theodorewong

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The Alzheimer's Society released a 2013 report on the state of dementia in the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland). It consists of current figures and future projections if the health system in the country doesn't improve sooner. The alarming rate of increase in the number of dementia cases has health officials scrambling to provide quality dementia care, primarily by training.

Before proceeding with the statistics, it should be noted that Alzheimer's disease is simply dementia. There are other causes of dementia, namely vascular, Lewy bodies, and fronto-temporal. It should also be noted that forgetting names of people, even family members, relatives and friends, is only one of the many effects of dementia. Other effects include struggling to recall important events, losing the sense of direction even in a familiar place, and being unable to keep up with discussions.

Increasing numbers
Within England, Wales and Northern Ireland, statistics show at least 800,000 people with some form of dementia. More than 90 percent of the dementia population can be found in England, bigger than Scotland which has around 85,000. Scotland only has an eighth of the total number of dementia patients in Great Britain.

Future projections aren't faring any better, according to statistics. The Alzheimer's Society estimates that at least a million people in Great Britain will have some form of dementia by 2021, while another 700,000 will be added by 2051. Scotland, on the other hand, may also see an increase to more than 100,000 by 2031.

Increasing chances
While dementia is more common for people 65 and above, younger people can also be affected. A person between the ages of 40 and 64 will have a 1:1,400 chance of being afflicted with a form of dementia, and a 62 percent chance of having Alzheimer's disease. As people grow older, the risk of dementia increases. People 80 years old and above will have a 1: 6 chance of getting dementia.

The numbers don't lie so it's no surprise if quality live in care and health services are undergoing major changes. If you want to see the numbers for yourself, you can visit The Alzheimer's Society website at For dementia in Scotland, visit

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