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How to Have a Sparkling White Smile—Make an Appointment with

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Find the best Independence MO dentist to give you the dazzling white smile you have always wanted. Transforming ugly discolored and dingy teeth into stain-free teeth is easy when you visit the office of the best dentist Blue Springs has available. At the office of Dr. Sonal Bhoot and Associates, Blue Springs Dental Arts, you can choose between two proven procedures for whitening your teeth, and a way to say good-bye to silver fillings.

One method of cosmetic bleaching is to use the quick and easy Zoom teeth whitening system. It can be done in a one-hour, one-time office visit, and the teeth can retain their whiteness for up to three years! The process is comfortable and even enjoyable. Dr. Bhoot’s team supplies you with music, a movie, or you can just relax while your teeth are being whitened.

An alternative to whitening in the dental chair is the at-home professional whitening system. This procedure whitens teeth more gradually, and the patient has control over when to whiten. It is perfect for touching up after a Zoom in-office whitening procedure, too. The at home whitening system consists of custom-made trays that fit the patient’s teeth. A special whitening gel is added to the trays and they are worn for just a few hours each day, for up to six weeks. Patients can usually notice significantly whiter teeth in as little as two weeks.  Consistency is the key to the success with the at-home whitening system.

Even with white teeth, old silver fillings can ruin that perfect smile. Composite fillings (white fillings) have come into favor over the past few years, certainly because these fillings match the color of the patient’s teeth. But this goes beyond just cosmetic aesthetics. Recently, a concern has built up around the fact that silver fillings contain mercury, a metal that can be dangerous, depending upon the amount of exposure. The new, composite fillings bond directly to the teeth, making them strong as well as beautiful.

Prevention is the key. Beyond regular brushing and cleaning, avoiding excessive consumption of tea, coffee, soda, and tobacco, pay a visit to the office of the top Independence MO dentist in the area. Dr. Bhoot and her reliable team of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants strive to make regular check-ups and cleanings a breeze. A white smile is just as important for your looks as it is for your health. Dr. Bhoot and Associates recognize this fact. Visit Dr. Bhoot online at, and see why she is considered the best dentist Blue Springs has available.


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