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Breast Reduction Improves Physical and Emotional Health

by gregore

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Breast reduction isn’t a cosmetic surgery that you hear about that often. At least not as much as you do augmentation, or breast lifts, or breast implants. Those surgeries are very popular in the United States. Since celebrities are always in the news after having cosmetic procedures, those procedures seem to get a lot of press and publicity. However, breast reduction is an important surgery for women who have issues when the size and volume are such that discomfort or other health problems arise. For women who live with pain from breasts that are too large, the surgery is an invaluable course of action.

Some benefits from breast reduction surgery

Asymmetrical or unusually large breasts can cause self-esteem issues in some women. A reduction procedure can have a lasting and affirmative impact on a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Breast reduction surgery provides a number of other advantages as well for a woman, including diminished pain. A lot of women suffer pain on a daily basis from the additional weight. Stress can also occur in the neck and shoulders. Reducing breast size can have a positive effect on posture. The reduced weight can help a person feel more energetic, and make it easier to jog and do other forms of exercise. This leads to improved overall health. You can enjoy the clothing that a balanced figure will let you wear, and your clothes and swimwear will fit better.

The procedure is a comparatively uncomplicated surgery. Two or three incisions are used. Excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed from the underneath each breast, and nipples and areolas are repositioned. In some instances, women may also wish to have a liposuction procedure added to reshape the underarms, and enhance their overall shape. There will be scarring, and the scars will always be visible. They will fade a bit with time, but they will always be there. Read more.

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction if you are in good physical and mental health, and do not smoke. You have daily back, shoulder and neck pain. Your breasts hang very low, you have indentations from bra straps, or you have skin irritation under the breast crease. Your breasts have stretched skin, your nipples are below the crease, and you cannot fit into regularly sized clothes or supportive underwear correctly.

Memorial Plastic Surgery's breast reduction surgeon in Houston will go over the procedure in detail. This will include what you need to do to prepare for the surgery, setting realistic expectations for the results, and what to expect during recovery. You will need to schedule time off from work to recuperate. The results will be long lasting, and you will enjoy being free of the physical pain and limitations that you endured before the surgery. Your new figure will be proportional and fun, giving a boost to your self-esteem.

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