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Food and health habits of women in United States

by anonymous

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Developed countries like USA, UK and European nations generation next is engaged in deteriorating health standards. Teens are following lifestyle that is damaging their health and mind. 80% of the women in United states are smoking and drinking alcohol. Lack of discipline in maintaining food habits and life cycle results in paying a huge debt by the society . This kind of lifestyle is totally oriented to live in present and think for oneself without even realizing its impact on the next generation’s health. Life has become too fast and attention is diverted to food that can be prepared fast without consuming any time. This attitude has lead to growth of junk, unhygienic and nutrient lack food . Women are preferring readymade high cholesterol based food over organically produced and properly cooked food. Properly cooked food preserve all its nutrients and induce a healthy impact on body. This unbalance lifestyle leads to degraded immune system , heart attack, asthma and obesity. Women undergoing health check ups and maintaining worklife balance live long without any health shortcomings. Maintaining a standard healthy lifestyle is a discipline work and few can only able to follow it. To eradicate cancer, heart attack ,obesity the government need to strengthen its policies and a mandatory health check up campaign with awareness should be initiated. For ideal cardiovascular health , the following factors like smoking, maintaining a BMI (Body Mass Index ) weight are to be checked , healthy prescribed diet, physical exercises, balancing blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Women should follow a healthy lifestyle that not only takes care for themselves ,but, also their child. Women should start getting concern about themselves rather than their spouse and family. They should start investing more time thinking about their current body type and the diet to be followed to maintain the body type. Meditation in the form of Yoga to be followed to calm and balance the mind. Peace and tranquility will allow the mind to settle down and keep mood swings under control. Enhance self esteem by venturing into things not done before. Explore new things and start getting adventurous with life. Always efforts should be made to stay positive and ward of negativity in life. A positive mind set will keep them healthy. They should opt for exercises that best suits to their body type. Exercise can be jogging, yoga , gymning. Some great person said that “laughter is the best medicine”, so, women should feel free to laugh and allow to keep themselves happy. Again positive attitude includes loving whatever you do. Complaining attitude is a self destructive instinct. Health deteriorates as one starts complaining and slowly transcending to unhappiness . Women should socialize heavily and share their heart out with friends and relatives. Staying lonely and complaining about people will affect psyche and drag one into negativeness. Financial irregularity should be managed properly inorder to fulfill all needs and future insecurity should be covered.

Pregnant women should follow moderate exercises along with dietary guidelines. Exercise like yoga are the best recommended for this stage of health. Girdles should be worn at the time of relaxing and when no work has to be done . This alone provides huge relieve during pregnancy where the abdomen is a way extended from its original position. Secondly, this belly band after pregnancy burn out fat when you are not physically moving. This helps to recover within 4 to 5 months post pregnancy. Staying fit alone will keep women’s mind positive and a successful healthy lifestyle.

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