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Life After Kidney Transplantation – Part I

by rohansinha

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Overview –

Kidney Transplantation is only required when both kidneys fail to function. The transplant involves replacing the damaged kidneys with the healthy ones. After the transplantation, your transplant team will give your direction on how you can take care of your new kidney, and get back to your active lifestyle at the earliest.

Life after Kidney Transplantation in India:

Exercises –

Exercises, such as brisk walking will help you improve your health and fitness. Your treatment team will create an exercise plan for you to meet your specific needs. Daily exercise will help you maintain your weight or reach the ideal weight post-treatment days.

However, you should avoid exercising if you feel dizzy or short of breath while working out. Talk to your doctor or treatment team before you begin exercising again. You should also avoid lifting weight more than 5 to 7 pounds. You should also lean to monitor your health after the transplant so that you can avoid common kidney transplant related health issues.

Diet and Nutrition –

You'll have to adjust your diet after kidney transplantation in India. Your diet will play a huge role in your recovery. A dietician will help you create a diet plan. This plan may include:

  • 5 servings of fresh fruits every day
  • Plenty of fluids
  • Lean meat, poultry, and fish
  • Diet low in fat and high in fibers
  • Drinking low-fat milk, or dairy products, which are low in fat

Discuss with your doctor any over-the-counter medicines that you are taking without his/her knowledge.

Your medications may change your appetite. You also need to keep track of calories that you consume. A diet plan made by a qualified dietician will include the number of calories that you should consume post-transplantation.

Support Groups –

Your treatment team may suggest you a support group to join. This support group will have people who have also undergone kidney transplantation in India in the past. It's here that you'll learn a lot about your condition, and ways to make the most out of this transplant. If your hospital does not suggest you such a group, you can search online.

Last, but not the least, make sure you have your family and friends around you during the post-transplantation days. Share your experience with your near and dear ones; you can also start a blog to share your experience with the world.

There is more to kidney transplantation; we'll come up with more in our upcoming articles. Thanks for your time and attention!

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