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Buckling Up with Sturdy Siding and Roofing in Connecticut

by daniellebailey

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One would think that Connecticut's coastal location allows most of the state to enjoy cool weather all year round; on the contrary, the state experiences sweltering summers with temperatures hitting average highs of around 29 °F. To add to the state's woes, hot weather may be accompanied by the occasional thunderstorm. These extreme conditions can bring on torrential rains and even the occasional tornado.

Homes in Connecticut must therefore be built to withstand any sort of foul weather. Even the occasional cold snap may prove quite problematic. As such, durable siding and roofing in Connecticut play a huge role in protecting every household from the elements.

Siding in Connecticut, while decorative at first glance, serves as a very important buffer between the exterior walls and the surrounding environment. Siding panels cover walls and protect them from water damage, wind-borne debris, and even unwanted wildlife. In addition, siding can enhance insulation so that the interior spaces neither feel too hot nor too cold in any season.

More than siding, however, the roof serves as your home's primary defense against the elements and should thus be made of the most durable material available. Metal and slate, for instance, rate highly in terms of durability and and can last for decades with minimal upkeep. Meanwhile, those who prefer something more affordable typically opt for asphalt shingles that hold pretty well against any weather condition without costing an arm and a leg.

In any case, it is certainly advisable to pick capable local roofing contractors who are quite knowledgeable about the various weather-related challenges homeowners face throughout the year. The best roofers can be relied upon to conduct urgent repairs on damaged roofing components or structures. They can also overhaul any aged roofing system to make it more efficient and capable of protecting all household occupants.

Connecticut's humid weather is nothing to scoff at, and can be particularly devastating when least expected. Homeowners can't afford to second-guess the climate and should therefore build tough homes with the best siding and roofing materials they can afford. For tips on selecting siding and roofing contractors, visit

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