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Things to consider if you are purchasing an LED TV

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Are you planning to buy yourself a new television set? Or maybe you need an additional television for a child’s bedroom or family room? This article looks at LEDTVs and the factors you should consider when buying one.

Television Size

The main consideration when deciding on the size of your television is where you will be placing it. Check the space you have, and decide whether your new TV will be wall mounted or on a TV unit or table. Wall mounted TVs can be bigger if you have the space, and in bedrooms they are very popular placed in the centre of the wall facing the bed. In kid’s rooms this is not always possible so considering a television stand and a smaller model may be a better option. You should also think about the distance you will be sitting form the television, so that the picture quality is good. For example, televisions which range in size from 20 -27 inches are best viewed from a minimum of 2 to 5 feet away, 32-37 inches, from 6 to 8 feet away and so on. The larger the room, the bigger the television needs to be.

What is the Pixel Count?

We often have customers who ask this question. The number of Pixels per inch is what determines the quality and distinctiveness of the television picture. The general rule to follow is that televisions from 23 inches upwards should have a minimum of 1280x720 pixels per inch. This will give you the best quality. If you are unsure, we will be able to tell you and show you the differences between models.

What is Motion Response time?

Motion response time (MRT) is a technical term which refers to the TVs ability to properly display moving objects. For example, if you are regularly watching sports like football or Formula 1, there is lots of movement on the screen so you need a television which can cope. MRT is calculated in milliseconds and the higher the MRT number, the less blurring you will experience when watching high action television footage.

Will you need Input / Output?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon whether you will be using your television for any other purposes. For example, attaching games consoles, Blu-ray players or computers to your television will all affect whether you need Input/Output.

Viewing Angle

It is always worth checking the viewing angle of LED TVs. When these televisions are wall mounted depending on the type of wall bracket used, it is not always possible to angle the television. Make sure your chosen television has a good viewing angle by checking it from various angles.

Good LED TVs are not expensive. They are easy to purchase and you can find some great bargains online. Be careful that you only purchase form a reputable television supplier. While TVs are getting cheaper every year, they still represent a significant investment so you should only buy form a trusted source.


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