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Admissions Helpers understands the challenge that applicants

by jeassonlens

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When applying to medical schooldental school, or pharmacy school all applicants are expected to write a personal statement, a one-page narrative that is meant to convince the admissions committee to accept them into the school of their choice. Applicants frequently worry about what to include and what not to include in the personal statement, how to go about putting the personal statement together, and how to sound different among the stack of 5000 applicants who are essentially writing about the same topic.


This can seem challenging at first, but admissions committees are not looking for an essay that covers an entirely different topic.  They know that all essays are going to focus on the applicants’ motivations for pursuing a career in medicine or dentistry and all will refer to experiences they have had as premedical or predental students.


Admissions Helpers understands the challenge that applicants face.  That’s why they guide students and help them reflect on experiences in a way that is unique.  On the surface, applicants may have similar reasons for wanting to go to medical school, but if you dig deep enough and think long and hard enough, every applicant has had a unique set of life experiences that have brought them to this decision. Likewise, each applicant’s reason is different and unique at the core.  A good personal statement is one in which these core reasons and personal experiences are included and explained thoroughly.


This process of careful introspection will not only help students when they prepare their personal statement or statement of purpose, but much of this reflection and deliberation will assist when writing the secondary application (supplemental application) for medical school, dental school, or pharmacy school.  These secondary applications, like the personal statement, serve as an opportunity for further reflection on personal and professional experiences.  They also serve as a way for the admissions committee to understand the applicant’s motivations and goals for the future.  Admissions Helpers works with students to help guide them as they develop the ideas that are can make for a winning secondary application.


In a way these essays, whether the personal statement or the secondary application, expect applicants to praise themselves and explain positive qualities.  This is not easy to do.  It is important to remember that instead of just listing qualities, you should demonstrate how those qualities were developed.  This requires extensive thought and brainstorming and some helpful guidance along the way from a team of experts like Admissions Helpers. To help you get started, check the Admissions Helpers Youtube videos on writing a personal statement.

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