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What is a Brazilian butt lift?

by gregore

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The famous Brazilian butt lift is a surgical term procedure that transfers fats to the buttocks to attain a fuller and good butt shape. Houston women are bright, beautiful and cosmopolitan. They enjoy the best of what the world has to offer. They like to feel their best and look their best and they spend a lot of time at the gym working towards that very goal. Occasionally, exercise just isn’t enough to get them where they want to be. Sometimes, they require a little help in the derriere department. Backsides come in many shapes and sizes. Some women have sagging or flat butts and would prefer a more round and fuller shape. Everyone agrees, perky is the ideal. One excellent method to acquire a youthful, perky bottom is the Brazilian butt lift. 


Just what is a Brazilian butt lift?


Brazilian butt lift surgery in Houston doesn’t actually lift the butt; fat from another part of the body is liposuctioned and then introduced into the buttocks. This fashions a fuller, perkier appearing backside. Surgeons and patients alike like this method since it utilizes the patient’s own tissues. The fat is cleaned and purified prior to injection in the buttocks resulting in a smooth, natural sculpted look. Otherwise standard implants are used. These are the very same implants used in women’s breasts for augmentation surgery. Women of small stature or who have very little fat available generally require implants and these can provide a beautifully rounded shape.


Who can the have Brazilian butt lift procedure?


The ideal candidate will be in good physical condition and at a healthy body weight. A patient should have enough fat available elsewhere to be transferred to the butt. Typically fat is transferred from the waist, hips, and lower back. Your doctor will help you set a realistic outlook about the results. Before and after pictures will give you a good idea of what to expect. If the butt is too saggy, a traditional lift may be more appropriate.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a surgery and though rare, as with all surgeries, there is the risk of complications. Your surgeon will go over the procedure and what it entails. They will cover any risks that may be associated with the surgery and let you know what to expect during the recuperative period. Make sure you check with the surgeon as to when you can resume normal activities. Generally you can expect swelling and you will need to avoid direct pressure on the area for about two weeks. Keeping up a uniform body weight, working out on a regular basis and maintaining a proper diet will help make certain that the treatment remains effective through the years.


A qualified Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Houston should always perform this procedure. Look for a board certified doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery and who has proven knowledge and skill. This will lead to a more gratifying, long lasting, and successful experience.


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