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Uses of Liquid Storage Tanks

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Storage tanks are used for different purposes, such as commercial, industrial and domestic. These are mainly used for storing different types of liquids like water and chemicals, as well as for septic applications, potable water storage, rainwater harvesting and storing water for protection from fire. liquid and water storage tanks are generally available in various sizes, shapes and materials.

Water and liquid storage tanks are primarily designed for storing drinking water for consumption. Due to the recent environmental changes, growing population, increasing temperatures, uncontrolled urban development and drought, several regions will experience shortage drinking water. Most of the population will be deprived of fresh clean water as a result of this. Hence it is very important that you begin to conserve and store water in storage tanks.

Water and liquid storage tanks can be found in various types and the most popular type is the rain water tank. It is generally installed outdoors in order to store rainwater. This stored water from the rain is then purified and used for various purposes. However, if you desire to utilize stored rainwater for drinking purposes then you need to have proper knowledge about water distillation process as only then the rainwater can be consumed safely. There are some storage tanks available in the market that are outfitted with water purification facilities. Another popular type of liquid storage tanks are underground tanks which should be installed properly by trained professionals.

The storage tanks are created with various types of materials such as polyethylene, steel, fiberglass, wood and concrete. Every type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be safely said concrete tanks are the best option if you are looking for lifespan and durability. Concrete storage tanks are functional for around 30 to 40 years. However, plastic tanks are best when portability and weight are your determining factors.

Apart from storing water, some liquid storage tanks are also used to store different types of chemicals for industrial purposes. Safe chemical storage tanks are widely found in various factories and chemical plants. These tanks are are created with compatible material which does not react with the chemical stored inside the tank. Most of the tanks also include venting facilities which helps to deal with vacuum or over pressure. Furthermore, these also consist of drain valves that are equipped with caps and valve locks in order to avoid accidents.

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