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Various Types of Door Sensors for Las Vegas Home Security

by advinrosa

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If you want to ensure the safety of your house then the best thing that you can get installed is the Door Sensors. This article explains certain facts on how Door Sensors serve the best purpose f Las Vegas Home Security and what its kinds are.

Las Vegas Home Security is composed of a control panel, audible device such as a magnetic reed contacts, siren or a motion detector. The perimeter of your house is the largest area and it is the perimeter which needs utmost protection because this is where all the windows and doors are located and you would want to stop a burglar from attacking your house. There are several tools for protecting Las Vegas Home Security but the most commonly used are the window and door sensors. If any of these devices is installed in your house they will trigger an alarm in case of a motion. For the reason that these alarms are specifically meant for sensing you need to choose the specific kind of sensor that you want to install for Las Vegas Home Security.

1) Magnetic Door Sensor :
In this kind of a sensor there is a reed switch that will be mounted inside a plastic case and a magnet which will also be mounted inside the plastic case. You will generally find two types of switches namely the closed ones and open ones.

2) Roller Ball Door Sensors :
In this kind of security tool there is no need to make use of a magnet as there is the roller ball type which is connected to the switch and if it depresses the contact will close. When the window or door is opened the control panel will detect it and alert you.

3) Wireless Door Sensor :
The only difference between a hardwired and a wireless door sensor is that the wireless transmitter will directly communicate with the control panel .Most of the wireless door sensors can be easily integrated with the non wireless sensors and this is usually desirable because these contacts are smaller & larger wireless switches will be positioned out of sight.

4) Surface Mount Door Contacts :
These have a switch that is mounted on the stationary part of the frame and the magnet is mounted on the movable part of the window or door. It is even possible to mount the switch on the movable part of the window or door for the reason that it is a better location and is expected to work fine however the ideal case and standard thumb rule is to mount it on the movable part of the opening. When you use this tool for Las Vegas Home Security wires are likely to be exposed however if done appropriately the hassle of wires can be kept to a minimum.

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