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Abortion: What Goes On Inside A Woman’s Mind

by brownalice101

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It’s all over the news. Pro-abortion and anti-abortion supporters once again ignite the abortion controversies that have been ongoing for discussion for a long time now. Articulating his impassioned stance about abortion ban, Republican U.S. Rep. Trent Franks is adamant on considering abortion after 20 weeks. Supreme Court continues to support Roe vs. Wade (1973) that enables women to practice their abortion rights given that they are provided access to affordable medical care and pregnancy programs. Franks’ position has caused outrage to many people. Every legal abortion clinic in the state detests his unfavorable judgment towards the over-all care for women.

But really, in the first place, why does abortion matter?

From a middle-aged pregnant woman’s point of view

“I wanted this. Finally. You have no idea how the confirmation from my ob-gynecologist changed my mood. I was having issues with the mediocre output of my subordinates the other day, but when I visited my doctor in the abortion clinic, she told me I am two weeks pregnant. Everything just changed. It was pure joy. I am now pregnant. Had I been in this situation, earlier when I was younger – when I was still in the stage of rebellion against my parents -- I wouldn’t have known how I would react.”

-Cara L.

From a young pregnant woman’s point of view

“I wouldn’t consider my pregnancy a mistake, but I would admit, I’m not ready yet. I’m still 16.

What will happen to me? What will happen to the baby? Will I be able to take good care of the baby? Will I be a good mother to this sweet innocent angel inside my womb? Will my baby have a father? Will I go to an abortion clinic? Will I keep the baby?

There are lots of things going round and round in my head. I am confused. I am afraid. I am emotionally and financially unstable. How will my family react? Will my peers judge me? Do I still have a future to look forward to? All these questions keep me awake at night. I need answers.”

-Jessica H.

From an old pregnant woman’s point of view

“This came out as a surprise. A blessing I must say. It’s been years ago since the last time my husband and I tried to have a baby. All our three children are grown up now. The youngest just graduated from college. But this came out as a surprise.

I personally want to keep the baby, but I am quite hesitant if the baby can handle the medical risks. I am not in my prime years anymore. My ob-gynecologist told me about the consequences we might face if my husband and I decide on keeping the pregnancy. Both mine and the baby’s life are at risk. It breaks my heart to go to an abortion clinic and refuse to something that’s so beautiful.”

-Therese B.

In one way or another, abortion plays a big role in a woman’s maternal health. Any woman must not be restricted of her rights, given that legal conditions are strictly followed, to take control over a critical situation like pregnancy.

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