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How To Keep An Erection For Longer Duration

by jerameysmith

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The number one question plaguing most men today is how to keep an erection for longer duration to finish a sexual act? First, did you know that the biggest reason why men have trouble with erections is because of erectile dysfunction and when you hear about the most efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction, you will be shocked? But, first you have to understand that sexual dysfunction has a lot to do with your body and your lifestyle. Getting to the root of the problem and eliminating it from there is the best way to get rid of erectile dysfunction. 

There are many men that don't even know how to keep an erection for longer and as time goes by and they get older, this problem keeps getting more severe. Some just accept that their sexual prowess is declining because of their age. For others the inability to perform sexually can take a very severe psychological toll. While getting a temporary solution is easy, it is not permanent. Also, temporary solutions may work the first few times, after that they will prove ineffective. If you want to learn how to keep an erection for longer you first have to understand your body and how it works. The ability to maintain an erection is dependent on the circulation of blood in your penile area. If blood can flow smoothly, you will have strong, long lasting erections. 

On the other hand, poor circulation of blood will lead to weak performances in bed. So, the first thing you need to do to cure erectile dysfunction is to improve blood circulation. There are many exercises that help improve blood circulation. Just by walking or cycling or even swimming for an hour everyday is enough to substantially improve blood circulation. Maintaining a healthy diet is another great way of improving blood circulation. Stay away from fatty foods and stick to fibrous fruits and green vegetables. It is also important that you understand that holding an erection requires energy. Carbohydrates are the best form of energy. Therefore, if you can eat a healthy meal full of carbohydrates a couple of hours before intercourse, you performance will definitely improve. 

Another effective solution for men worried about how to keep an erection is to try herbal treatments. There are many herbal supplements such as bluze capsules and herbal treatments like overnight oil which can prove extremely effective in improving sexual performance. If a man is worried about how to keep an erection, such treatments will prove most beneficial for him. If you can combine the right supplements with a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to see results as soon as a month into the program. That's right, don't expect immediate results. Since herbal supplement like Bluze capsules and overnight oil are all natural, expect your body to take at least 30-40 days before it reacts. After this initial period, you will no longer worry about how to keep an erection. You will be blessed with a hard and full erection that will let you reinforce your dominance in the bedroom.

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