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Warnings and Dangers you should know in Chongqing

by anonymous

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1. Getting run over by a crowd of people

Well this may not be a real danger but it surprised me. You can see the time on the clock in the picture which is 10:10 AM and about 2 minutes before this there were only about 5 people to be seen. I couldn't figure it out at first but I'm guessing that they are either going to work or going to their mid-morning breaktime. If anybody from Chongqing (starting city for Yangtze River tour) reads this and knows the answer I would love to know where they are going. LOL I think this is on Minzu Lu.

2. After extensive travel in...

After extensive travel in China, the Chongqing McDonalds was the only place that I saw an attempted robbery.

It was a purse snatch inside the restaurant. The thief was well dressed, and the purse was snatched from a group of local women who were not paying close attention to their property

3. Don't eat this more than once...

Don't eat this more than once a week. It's called HOTPOT for a reason. I know at least one person who went to the hospital after eating it 3 days in one week, and I sent many on their way with a bad stomach after eating it just once.

You should read the above before your China travel deals.

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